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Health & Human Services     Business, Computer, Info Tech     Career & Tech    
Humanities     Natural Science & Math     Social Science    
Part-Time Instructors
Academic Administrator
Academic Affairs Council
read profileSlade Griffiths
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Slade"It is gratifying to nurture the synergy between faculty and students to create a dynamic learning environment." Slade Griffiths has been at Cowley College since 1996. As the Chief Academic Officer of the college since May 2008, he is responsible for providing leadership for the academic and instructional programs at the college.
read profileStephani Johns-Hines
Associate Vice President of Mulvane and Online Operations
StephaniStephani has been Associate Vice President of Mulvane and Online Operations since Fall  2013. She served as Associate Dean of Online and Outreach Education beginning August of 2012 and has worked for Cowley College as a part-time instructor since 1995. The quote, “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” by W.B. Yeats is one that she feels reflects her passion and commitment to higher education.
read profileChris Cannon
Health & Human Services Chairperson
ChrisChris Cannon has been at the college since 2005. In 2012, he became chairperson of the Health & Human Services Departmen
. He is also the Director of the EMS Education Program. Cannon manages the Coop Education and Dislocated Workers programs.
Marlys Cervantes
Humanities Chairperson
MarlysMarlys Cervantes has been at the college since 2000 and department chair since 2008.
Cervantes initiates the development of new programs and oversees the ongoing quality of education in her area.
She strives to bring to the students what fits their needs in a way that encourages them to succeed in both education and life.
"As students develop their writing strengths, they add to who they are and what they make of themselves in life.”
read profileJoe Clasen
Career & Technical Education Chairperson
BobJoe Clasen was appointed department chair in the summer of 2013. He has been the Director of Nondestructive Testing at Cowley since 2007. Clasen is recognized as among the best in his areas of expertise.
read profileRae Dale
Business, Computer, & Information Technology Chairperson
RaeRae Dale has been at Cowley College since 1992.
“Although many things have changed in the world of education and at Cowley College during the past 20 years, one thing that has not changed is my love for being in the classroom with students.”
read profileDevin Graves
Devin GravesDevin Graves has been at Cowley College since 2006 as Director of Adult Education Programs. He was appointed Registrar of the College in September, 2014.
read profileDr. Michelle Schoon
Natural Science Chairperson
MichelleDr. Schoon has been at the College since 1991. The Natural Science Department covers the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, computer science and pre-professional programs.
read profileTodd Shephers
Social Science Chairperson
MichelleTodd Shepherd has been at the College since 1999; he became department chair in 2002. Social Science covers a diverse range of disciplines from anthropology to political science.
read profileJanice Stover
Director of Academic Enrichment
StoverJanice began her Cowley College career in 1991. She currently serves as the Director of Academic Enrichment and provides support and oversight to academic operations within the college. 
Health & Human Services
Allied Health:- EMS, MICT, CNA/CMA, administration
read profileChris Cannon
Department Chair,
and Director of EMS Education

ChrisChris Cannon has been at Cowley College since 2005. With 13 years of real-world EMS experience, he brings an intimate understanding of many different EMS systems to the classroom.
read profile

Deryk Ruddle
Lead MICT Instructor
DerykDeryk Ruddle has been at Cowley College since 2009. He is the MICT instructor for the Cowley 18-month MICT program. He also coordinates and instructs the Cowley tactical EMS courses. Ruddle also works part-time for Butler County EMS as a field and tactical medic.

read profile

Steve Storm
Instructor: Paramedic
MalachiSteve Storm has been a paramedic instructor for Cowley since Spring 2013.
Storm is a graduate of the 2008-2009 Cowley MICT Program.

read profile

Malachi Winters
Instructor: MICT
MalachiMalachi Winters is the MICT Instructor for the Cowley 12-month MICT program. He joined the faculty of Allied Health in 2010. Winters works with the Director of EMS Education to coordinate and instruct the MICT classes.

read profile

Jeff M. Fluty
Instructor: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
JeffIn 2002, Jeff Fluty began his professional health care career as a Certified Athletic Trainer at Cowley College. In addition to teaching at the Allied Health Center, he serves as Cowley College’s Head Athletic Trainer in Arkansas City, Kansas.

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Tiffany Naccarato
CNA Coordinator
NaccaratoTiffany Naccarato is the Certified Nursing Coordinator, housed out of the Winfield Allied Health Center.Naccarato has been working in healthcare for almost 10 years, beginning her career as a CNA, then gaining certification as an EMT, went on to become a Registered Nurse, and is now nearly complete with her Master's of Nursing with an emphasis on Family Nurse Practitioner.

criminal justice
read profileFrank Owens
Instructor: Criminal Justice
OwensFrank Owens has been an instructor at Cowley College since 2011. He teaches the criminal justice courses.
read profileRebecca Morgan
Cosmetology Program Director and Instructor
MorganRebecca Morgan has been the program director of the cosmetology program and an instructor since 2011.
Business, Computers, & Information Technology

agriculture, business, cosmetology, criminal justice, graphic & web design

read profileRae Dale
Department Chairperson and
Instructor: Business, Computer, & Information Technology

RaeRae Dale has been at Cowley College since 1992.
“Although many things have changed in the world of education and at Cowley College during the past 20 years, one thing that has not changed is my love for being in the classroom with students.”

read profileLory West
Instructor: Business, Computer, and Information Technology Instructor
SarahLory West has been employed at college since July 2008. Beginning her career in the admissions office, she recently transitioned in August 2013 from the Director of Admissions to a full time faculty member in the BCIT department.
“My hope is that when a student finishes one of my classes that they will “get it,” that they will be able to take what we did in class and utilize it outside of the classroom.
read profileSarah Mathews
Instructor: Accounting
SarahSarah Mathews has been at Cowley College since 2008.
“The classroom experience is a fun, interactive yet challenging environment where students will learn various accounting topics necessary to succeed in the business world or as accountants.
read profileBethany Stewart
Instructor: Business and Computer Applications
BethanyBethany Steward has been an instructor at Cowley College since 2008.
“I enjoy sharing my interest in computers and information technology with my students. My goal is to expand their knowledge of technology and teach them how to use it in a productive way. >
Career & Technical Education
automotive, welding, NDT, machine & tool, & mechatronics
read profileJoe Clasen
Department Chair,
Instructor: Nondestructive Testing

BobJoe Clasen was appointed department chair in the summer of 2013. He has been the Director of Nondestructive Testing at Cowley since 2007. Clasen is recognized as among the best in his areas of expertise.
“Since I started here at Cowley in 2007, it has been great to be associated with a growing program, and it has been even better to watch how well students are doing after they graduate the program”
read profileJim Ailey
Instructor: Automotive
JimJim Ailey has been the automotive instructor on the Ark City campus since 2009.
“I am extremely proud of my automotive students; they will go far in the field they study.”
read profileDaniel Higdon
Instructor: Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics)
DanielDaniel has been an instructor at Cowley College since 2011.
"I am looking forward to making Manufacturing Technology program the best in the state and possibly the region. I am striving to bring new technology, basic concepts, and hands on learning together in a small package to attract any individual from secondary high school students to post-secondary professionals."
read profileBob Moffatt
Instructor: Welding Technology
Since 1996, Bob Moffatt has served as a welding instructor at the college.
Moffatt was recognized by the National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development as a Master Teacher in 2002. He has also received several certifications in welding.
read profileGlen Sheets
Instructor: Automotive
GlenGlen Sheets has been an automotive technology instructor at the the Career & Technical Education Center in Mulvane since 2008.
"The demand for qualified technicians is at an all time high. We can help you get there with a certificate or an AAS degree. "
read profileRicky Squires
Instructor: Machine Tool
RickySince 2008, Ricky Squires has served as the machine tool technology instructor at the college.
read profileTim Walton
Instructor: Automotive
Tim"If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." by Bernard Baruch
Tim Walton has been an automotive instructor at the Career & Technical Education Center in Mulvane since 2010.
read profileShawn White
Instructor: Welding
ShawnShawn White has been at the Mulvane Technology Center since 2009 as a welding instructor. He also teaches most of the applied courses that go along with the program including: Applied Economics, Blueprint Reading, and Industrial Math.
english, creative writing, mass media, visual arts, & performing arts
read profileMarlys Cervantes
Department Chair, Humanities
Instructor: Creative Writing, Composition, Literature
MarlysSince 2000, Marlys Cervantes has strived to bring to the students what fits their needs in a way that encourages them to succeed in both education and life. “I am so proud of our students at Cowley. They are some of the most talented and passionate people I know, and I am privileged to work with them.
read profileLindsay Allen
Instuctor, Applied Voice, Aural Skills, Music Appreciation
LindsayLindsay Allen began her career at Cowley College in 2010 as a part-time instructor. After teaching applied voice and music appreciation for two years, she became a full time faculty member, adding aural skills to her teaching responsibilities.
read profileAdam Borth
Director of Communications
AdamAdam Borth has been at Cowley College since 2008. His areas of broadcasting expertise stretch from production of commercials to sports broadcasting.
read profileConnie Donatelli
Director of Vocal Music
ConnieConnie Donatelli has been at Cowley College since 1997. Her passion and trademark enthusiasm is an inspiration and generates an electric atmosphere that is contagious in the classroom as well as to concert audiences. 
read profileRyan Doom
Instructor: English and Composition
RyanRyan Doom has been at Cowley College since 2009. He teaches composition and fiction writing.
“As a writer, I approach teaching from a writer’s point of view, bringing a unique perspective to the classroom.
read profile Kirsten Dos Santos
Instructor: Instructor: English and Composition
Dos Santos
read profileMark Dykes
Instructor: Graphic Design
MarkMark Dykes started his career at the college in 2012 as the instructor for the graphic design program.
"The ability to think abstractly (and many of the other skills graphics arts utilize) can benefit students in all areas of life, not just doing design work."
Dejon Ewingread profile
Interim Theatre Director, Instructor: Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication and Theatre Appreciation
DejonSince 1988, Dejon Ewing has been at Cowley College.
"Once a student feels included and understands how he or she benefits personally, the enthusiasm I have for teaching fosters a reciprocal enthusiasm from those students in my care."
read profileMike Fell
Instructor: Ceramics, Sculpture, Design and Art Appreciation

MikeMike Fell has been at Cowley College since 2005 as an instructor of 3D Art, Design, and Art Appreciation.
"Helping my students to create their own visual expressions of the world in which they live is
what the Cowley experience is all about.”
Josh Fleig
Director of Instrumental Music
JoshJosh Fleig began his tenure at Cowley in tread profilehe fall of 2006 as the director of the instrumental music department
"As an educator it is my job to equip my students with the knowledge they need and to guide them in the journey of music making."
read profileMark Flickinger
Instructor: Painting & Drawing
MarkMark Flickinger has been at Cowley College since 2001 as an instructor of Art History, Paint
ing, and Drawing.
One of Mark's favorite quotes is by Henry David Thoreau as he described his view of landscape:  "There is as much beauty in the landscape as we are prepared to appreciate. Not a grain more"
read profileJulie Kratt
Instructor: English and Composition
Julie"My goal is that students will leave my classroom realizing that they each have a voice, and what they have to say is important. I want them to feel confident in expressing themselves." Julie Kratt has been at Cowley College since 2004 as an instructor of English and Composition.
read profileDeborah Layton
Instructor: English, Composition, and American
Deborah"I set high expectations and build confidence in my students so that they’ll know they can attain their goals through hard work and dedication."
Deborah Layton has been with Cowley College since the fall of 2011.
read profileAmy McWhirt
Director of Academic Preparation
"Language is one of the keys to deepening our experience of the world and expanding our connections to other people."
Amy McWhirt has been with Cowley College since 2003.
read profileJamison Rhoads
Technical Director of Theatre
JamisonSince joining the faculty at Cowley College in 2003, Jamison Rhoads has used this talents in many ways including designing the lighting, sound, and scenery for the theatrical performances.
read profileLois Sampson
Instructor: Composition, Literature, Interpersonal Communications
Lois"A teacher gets to feel in some small way he or she is helping in developing a stepping stone for students to get where they want to be in their lives as well as becoming discerning decision-makers for the future."
Sampson became a full-time faculty member at Cowley in 1994.
read profileMeg Smith
Director of Journalism
MegSince 2007, Meg Smith has taught courses in mass media, journalism, newspaper production, and photography. Smith enjoys working with her students and watching them grow as writers, photographers, editors and people. “I appreciate the energy in the newsroom on production night. Students push to meet their deadline and work together to create a tangible product.”
read profileJohn Sefel
Theatre Director
John“It isn’t my goal to get students to ‘like’ theatre as a genre of entertainment, but to help people understand the unending impact theatre has had on our world – it is the basis of macro-communication, of education, of entertainment, of politics, of public ritual, and of society. Every single American’s life has been fundamentally affected by theatre, whether or not they’ve ever sat and watched a play. Understanding the power of theatre is key to jobs in communication, sales, politics, entertainment, education, event-planning, and any position which requires capturing and focusing the attention of an audience. In short, theatre can change the world, and has—many, many times.”

John Sefel is a theatre artist, writer, and educator who serves as Cowley College’s Director of Theatre.
Natural Sciences & Mathematics
biology, chemistry, computer science, health care, math, physics, pre-professional
read profileDr. Michelle Schoon
Department Chair,
Instructor: Biology, Anatomy and Physiology

SchoonSince 1991, Dr. Schoon has enjoyed teaching science as a discipline and teaching the discipline of science. Students are the main reason she enjoys being an instructor.
read profileUwe Conrad
Lead Instructor: Mathematics
UweSince 2000, UweConrad has been a mathematics instructor at the Mulvane Center.
read profileSteve Cooper
Instructor: Mathematics
Cooper"Math is like one big puzzle. It's really not that different from learning the rules to a game and playing it..."
Steve Cooper has been a mathematics instructor at Cowley since 2011.
read profileTiffany Corley
Instructor: Life Sciences
(Mulvane Center)

DavidTiffany Corley has been an instructor of Life Sciences at the Mulvane Center since Fall 2013. She has a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences and an M.S. in Biological Sciences.
read profileMike Hayden
Instructor: Mathematics
HaydenMike Hayden has been an instructor of Mathematics for Cowley College since Fall 2014.

read profileDavid Hays
Instructor: Math & Computer Science
DavidDavid Hays has been a mathematics and computer science instructor at Cowley since 2003. Hays is passionate about his work as he considers teaching his hobby.
read profileBrooke Istas
Instructor: Mathematics
BrookeBrooke Istas has been an instructor of Mathematics for Cowley College since Fall 2014. Prior to accepting the position as math faculty, she acted as the Instructional Coordinator for the Cowley College Adult Education program and was an online Mathematics Instructor for developmental education and credit-bearing courses.

read profileHeather Kelly
Instructor: Mathematics
HeatherHeather Kelly has been an instructor of Mathematics for Cowley College since Fall 2014.
read profile

Chad Killblane
Instructor: Chemistry
(Mulvane Center)
KillblaneChad Killblane has been an instructor of Chemistry at the Mulvane Center since 2011.

read profileScott Layton
Instructor: Biology and Microbiology
ScottSince 2002, Scott Layton has been an instructor of biology and microbiology at Cowley College.
read profileApril Nittler
Instructor: Developmental Math
AprilApril Nittler has been at Cowley College since 2003 as a Developmental Math Instructor. She teaches elementary algebra and intermediate algebra and loves teaching at Cowley because the majority of students want to be here and want to learn.
read profileMartin Shaffer
Instructor: Physical Science, Engineering Physics
ShafferMartin Shaffer has been a physical science and engineering physics instructor at Cowley since 2011.
read profilePam Smith
Instructor: Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
PamPam Smith has been at Cowley since 1995 as an instructor of natural science and chemistry. She takes pleasure in getting to know students and helping them make goals and plans. “I get a special joy when I see students achieve their dreams, or when I see them years later and they are happy with life.”

read profileWesley Taylor
Instructor: Life Science

  • BS - Chemistry, Hillsdale College
  • M.D. - Human Medicine, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

read profileHumphrey Wamocha
Instructor: Mathematics and Physics
Humphrey Wamocha has been a mathematics and physics instructor at Cowley since 2011.
Social Sciences
anthropology, education, health, history, political science, psychology, religion, social work, sports
read profileTodd Shepherd
Department Chair,
Instructor: macroeconomics, microeconomics, math, and astronomy

ToddTodd Shepherd has been at Cowley College since 1999. In addition to teaching courses, he has been the department chair of Social Science since 2002.
read profileFrank Arnold
Instructor: history and political science
FrankFrank Arnold has been a history and political science instructor at Cowley since 2000.
read profile

Janet Davidson
Director of Childcare & Development
(Early Childhood Education)

DavidsonJanet Davidson began her career at Cowley College in 2010 as an instructor of Adult Basic  Education along with part-time instruction. In 2013 she became the instructor of childcare and early childhood education. Janet not only looks forward to being part of her students' education but their future career as well."Instructing future educators is not only fun, it is rewarding."

read profileCathy Hendricks
Instructor: Psychology and Sociology
CathySince 1992, Cathy Hendricks has been teaching psychology and sociology at Cowley College.
read profileChris Mayer
Instructor: Philosophy, Anthropology, Comparative Religion, Geography
ChrisChris Mayer has been at Cowley College since 1998 as an instructor in a diverse range of social science disciplines.
read profileHolly Peters
Instructor: Social Science
HollyHolly Peters began her career at Cowley College in 2014 as an instructor of Sociology and Psychology. Her areas of interest include family, gender, and social stratification. Holly finds great reward in exposing students to the power of understanding others and the advantage it has in their lives both personally and professionally.
read profileJulie Rhoads
Director of Education
Since 2006, Julie Rhoads has been at Cowley JulieCollege as an instructor in elementary education.
Part-Time Instructors
Cowley College uses part-time instructors that contribute diverse expertise to the learning experience.
Credentials for part-time instructors.



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