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Cowley Locations
Weather Information


Inclement Weather

Your safety is our first concern, but weather conditions can change so fast that we do not always have time to react. You must ultimately be responsible for your own safety.


Know the emergency plan for your campus during severe storm season.

Tornado Shelters


Stay informed about road conditions during snow & ice weather.


Due to the requirements of time that must be met, classes will be cancelled only in extreme weather conditions. Also, classes may not be cancelled at all locations because of different weather conditions in the various locations of the college operations.


We will post campus closings on the News Peek page.


Click here for details about Cowley College’s Inclement Weather Policy.


In the Case of Threatening Weather, Check Local Radio/TV Channels or Web Sites

Arkansas City Radios:
KACY-FM 102.5
KSOK-FM 95.9
KSOK-AM 1280
Winfield/Wellington Radios:
KWME-FM 93.5
KLEY-AM 1130
KKLE-AM 1550
Wichita Radios:
KFDI-AM 1070
KFDI-FM 101.3
The Weather Channel

Wichita TV Channels:

KSNW TV Channel 3
KAKE TV Channel 10

KWCH TV Channel 12