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Current Students



Current Students


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All current students now have two choices for how they can enroll:

How to Enroll Yourself

You can enroll yourself through Campus Connect!

1. Log into Campus Connect.

2. Select Add/Drop Classes under Academic Options.
step 1
Click Submit.

3. Select the semester you want to enroll in.
step 2
Click Submit.

4. Select which courses--by term, credit type, location, department, and date/time--that you want to be displayed. Note: it takes longer to build the complete list, so at least shorten the process by selecting a specific location and department.
step 3
Click Submit.

5. Select the course you want to enroll in. Verify that the course is not full.
If the course is not full, click Add.
step 5

6. You will see a note confirming that the course has been added to your schedule. Click OK.

course added

7. A screen will be displayed that shows the course(s) you are enrolled in. If you are finished enrolling, you can logout.
To enroll in another course, select which courses (by location, department, date/time) you would like displayed. Click Submit.


8. Follow the above steps to add a course to your schedule. When you have completed your schedule, you should log out.