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Emergency Medical Services

Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program

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Initial: $995
Renewal: $395


Allied Health offers a nationally recognized Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program.


The CCEMTP program is an intense, 105+ hour course featuring the following:

  • Physician led lectures and labs
  • State of the art training equipment
  • Dissection lab


Cowley has partnered with EagleMed to bring this one of a kind educational experience to you.


Program Goals
The Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program is designed to prepare paramedics and nurses to function as members of a critical care transport team. Critical patients requiring transport between facilities need a different level of care from hospital or emergency field patients.


Participants will gain an understanding of the special needs of critical patients during transport, become familiar with the purpose and mechanisms of hospital procedures and equipment, and develop the skills to maintain the stability of hospital equipment and procedures during transport.


Curriculum Design
The CCEMTP Program is designed to provide the basic educational foundation required for specialists transporting critical care patients. In addition, it may serve as a springboard for those institutions looking to expand into critical care.


The CCEMTP Resource Guide is a curriculum divided into broad modules. Each module has a specific instructional goal, a rationale (establishing a connection with the desired benefits of the program), a list of necessary equipment to demonstrate various critical care techniques, the required readings and the learning objectives.


Each lesson contains a focus statement (providing a specific direction about the topic and how it will contribute to the development of the participants), a list of learning objectives, demonstration equipment, additional readings, handouts, and a lesson outline.


The Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Programs brings paramedics and nurses together in an effort to bridge the gap between prehospital and hospital care. The result is a specialized care provider that has an understanding of both aspects of patient care, and uses the understanding to provide the highest level of care to critical patients during transport.


Current paramedic, nursing, respiratory therapist, or physician license/certification.


  • Paramedic requirements: Minimum of one (1) year as a paramedic, current certifications in CPR, ACLS, ITLS/PHTLS, and PALS/PEPP/PPC.


  • Nurse requirements: Minimum of one (1) year as a nurse, current certifications in CPR, ACLS, PALS/PEPP/ENPC, and ITLS/PHTLS/TNCC/TNATC.


  • Respiratory Therapist requirements: Minimum of one (1) year as an RT, current certifications in CPR, ACLS, ITLS/PHTLS, and PALS/PEPP/PPC.


Recommended college courses: Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Biology, Chemistry.


Continuing Education Hours
This continuing education activity is approved by UMBC, an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), for 104 hours of continuing education credit.


Chris Cannon