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Humanities Department




A well-rounded background is critical to acceptance into a university law program. Therefore, Cowley offers a diverse program with a variety of classes to prepare students as they consider various specialties within the field.


Academic Highlights
The rigors of law school require a solid base in general studies. The program consists of a well-rounded curriculum of general subjects, with an emphasis in history and government courses. Basic classes such as Public Speaking, Composition, College Algebra, Sociology, Literature, Philosophy and Psychology provide students with a base upon which they can build virtually any liberal arts-type education. More specific classes, such as U.S. History, American National Government and State and Local Government help tailor the program to the pre-law student. A number of elective hours allow the student to design an even more individualized program.


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Transfer Option
The Associate of Arts Degree in Pre-Law should enable students to transfer to the four-year school of their choice to continue their education. The basic courses taken at Cowley will transfer to most state college and universities, as well as to most other schools throughout the nation. When students choose a transfer college or university, they should obtain a course catalog from that school and meet with counselors at Cowley who can help with the transfer process.


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