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Class Descriptions

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WEL 3613 – Shielded Metal Arc Welding/Structural (3)
Students in this course receive instruction and gain the necessary skills to produce sound welds on ferrous structural shapes in various positions.  Students will prepare a number of different joint configurations used in industry.  Welds will be made with several different electrodes using the Shielded Metal Arc welding equipment.

WEL 3615 – Basic Welding Processes (3)
This lecture course is arranged to study the basic practices of various forms of electric arc and oxy-acetylene cutting and welding.  Safety is emphasized in the use and care of equipment.

WEL 3620 – Gas Welding Processes (3)
This course is designed to introduce students to oxy-fuel soldering, brazing, and welding techniques used to manufacture and repair weldments.  Safety precautions and the use and care of equipment are stressed in this course.  This course also serves as an introduction to the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding method because of its similarities.

WEL 3622 – Gas Metal Arc Welding/Structural (3)
This course offers the student the knowledge and necessary skills to produce code quality welds using a variety of wire and gas combinations common to industry for fabrication purposes.

WEL 3623 – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding/Structural (3)
This course is designed to help the student gain the knowledge and skill to produce welds on both ferrous and non-ferrous base metals using the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Method.

WEL 3632 – Shielded Metal Arc Welding/Pipe (3)
This course offers the student an opportunity to gain the skills required to produce code quality welds on piping materials.  These welds are expected to pass guided bend tests to detect flaws.

WEL 3633 – Gas Metal Arc Welding/Pipe (3)
This course is designed to offer the student the opportunity to produce code quality welds on various diameters of pipe.  These welds are to be produced using the Gas Metal Arc Welding process.  Welds made with these procedures will be tested using the guided bend test to detect flaws.

WEL 3635 – Arc Welding Processes (3)
This course is designed to expose the student to materials used in analyzing the equipment needs of specific processes of manufacturing.  This course also deals with Welding Codes and Standards, and cost estimating.

WEL 3640 – Advanced Welding Processes (3)
The student will learn terminology and demonstrate system operations by proper measurement and control techniques of flow, pressure, and temperature and level control within the system.

WEL 3642 – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding/Pipe (3)
This course is designed to allow students to gather skills necessary for repairing equipment, analyzing safety requirements in automated welding and the study of special welding processes.

WEL 3644 – Special Alloy Welding Inspection/Automated Shape Cutting (6)
This course is designed to allow students to gain skills in the welding of special alloys and the inspection methods and requirements of industry.


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