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Natural Science & Mathematics

Computer Science


The Computer Science and Information Systems Program at Cowley is a two-year transfer program. Students completing the program will have the equivalent of the first two years of study at a four-year college or university, including the introductory computer science courses, and should be able to transfer smoothly into those programs to complete their baccalaureate degree. A strong foundation in mathematics and science is recommended for this emphasis.


Degree Requirements:


Information Technology
The Future of IT


Course Procedures


Program Options
Upon completion of a degree in computer science from Cowley, students earn an associate of science degree. This program is designed as a transfer program because most jobs related to these areas require at least a bachelor's degree.


Transfer Options
Computers and computer systems require experts to manage and maintain them. As the hardware and software programs evolve, the training programs for the experts must grow with the industry. Cowley addresses this need by offering a new entry-level program into the field of Computer Science and Information Systems training. This program will prepare students to transfer directly into baccalaureate programs at four-year colleges and universities across the Midwest. Wichita State University has worked cooperatively with us in developing the program.


For more information contact David Hays.