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bullet One Price for All allows any student, regardless of their place of residence, to take an online course for $113.00 per credit hour, including tuition and fees during the 2013-2014 academic year. read more
bullet significantly lower tuition and fees
bullet transferable college credits and degrees
bullet diverse selection of associate degrees & certifications
bullet open access environment so most students are accepted
bullet financial assistance, including payment plans
bullet accredited by educational and professional organizations
Advantages of Online
You don’t have to have a reason to go online; some of us just love computers. Some have jobs; some have children; some live on campus; some live hundreds of miles away. Whatever your situation, you can enjoy the advantages of online courses.
bullet As long as you have a computer and internet access, Cowley College Online is at your fingertips...anytime...anywhere.
bullet You have total control over where and when you take courses.
bullet You can earn a degree completely online and save money on commuting expenses, food, and clothing.
bullet Online classes are rich in content with multimedia learning aids and links to relevant websites.
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