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About Cowley
Ark City Campus Security

Cowley College is committed to providing students with a safe and secure environment.
The main campus offers:
- 24-hour Security Monitoring
- Security Cameras
- Escorts to Vehicles in the Evenings
- Emergency Phones on Campus

Contact Ark City Campus Security:
Dial 620.441.5599
for Weather Related, Request for Security, Citizen Complaints, (Security Related),
Suspicious Person Report, Security Escorts, Vehicle Assists, Student Behavioral Assists  

Emergency Contacts:

-Medical Emergency - Dial 911

-Minor Medical Daytime - Dial 620.441-5236 or 620.741.2012

-Minor Medical Nighttime - Escort to SCKRMC

Criminal Situations  

Any Felony Crime in Progress - Dial 911

Dial Arkansas City Police Department 620.441.4444
for Felony Property Crimes, Felony Personal Crimes,  Misdemeanor Personal Crime,  Misdemeanor Property Crime,  Any Misdemeanor Crime in Progress

Building Maintenance Emergency - Arkansas City Campus 

Dial: 620.741.2047      

Cell phone numbers for the Security Officers:
Matt Stone 620.660.5010
Roxie Froese 620.660.5013
Ted Kennedy 620.660.5012
Jim Sawyer 620.660.5011


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