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About Cowley
Ark City Campus Security

Cowley College is committed to providing students with a safe and secure environment.
The main campus offers:
- 24-hour Security Monitoring
- Security Cameras
- Escorts to Vehicles in the Evenings
- Emergency Phones on Campus

Contact Ark City Campus Security:
Dial: 620.441.5599
for Weather Related, Request for Security, Citizen Complaints, (Security Related),
Suspicious Person Report, Security Escorts, Vehicle Assists, Student Behavioral Assists


New at Cowley!

Stay Connected to Cowley College Security with our new Safety App, LiveSafe

Cowley College is providing all students, faculty, and staff with the LiveSafe app - a safety tool that provides a quick, convenient, and discreet way to communicate with Cowley College Security.

Please download LiveSafe for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play to enhance your overall safety and allow Cowley College Security to better protect you.

Click here to read more about LiveSafe

Emergency Contacts:

-Medical Emergency - Dial 911

-Minor Medical Daytime - Dial 620.441-5236 or 620.741.2012

-Minor Medical Nighttime - Escort to SCKRMC

Criminal Situations  

Any Felony Crime in Progress - Dial 911

Dial Arkansas City Police Department 620.441.4444
for Felony Property Crimes, Felony Personal Crimes,  Misdemeanor Personal Crime,  Misdemeanor Property Crime,  Any Misdemeanor Crime in Progress

Building Maintenance Emergency - Arkansas City Campus 

Dial: 620.741.2047      

Cell phone numbers for the Security Officers:
Matt Stone 620.660.5010
Roxie Froese 620.660.5013
Ted Kennedy 620.660.5012
Jim Sawyer 620.660.5011


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