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Current Issue - Fall 2015


from the desk of ben schears

From the Desk of Ben Schears

About three years ago I stepped foot on a little 20 acre patch of ground about five miles southeast of Arkansas City. For several years, I had been looking for a farm on which to raise our kids and provide for them the same childhood memories I had growing up in the country. read more

Dr. RittleCowley College Welcomes New President

The cultural values of south-central Kansas such as respect, honesty, and hard work resonated with Dr. Dennis Rittle. So, when the opportunity arose to lead Cowley County Community College, Dr. Rittle jumped at the chance. read more


Eli Hilderbrand and Gavin KreidlerEli Hilderbrand Remembered Through Scholarship

Honoring his friend, Eli Hilderbrand, who died at the age of 18 in a house fire, Gavin Kreidler recently established the Eli Hilderbrand Memorial Scholarship at Cowley College.

Eli Hilderbrand was a college freshman from Purcell, OK, when he and Gavin Kreidler forged their friendship. The two met when Kreidler, who graduated from Wichita’s Bishop Carroll High School, moved into a four-plex apartment building near Cowley College’s Arkansas City campus. Hilderbrand and his brother, Ty, lived in the apartment across the hall.
“We were together pretty much every day for the next two months after that,” Kreidler said.  read more

Holly LandisStudent Perspective: Holly Landis
“Mom, please not another community college!” Those were the words of a tired girl. A girl who was tired of constantly searching for a new future, a new life, and a new college to finally make her feel like she belonged. I was a senior in a high school in small town Kansas, and was more than ready to jump right into a huge town and never look back. I was a small girl with big dreams. read more

Meg SmithThrough a Teacher's Eyes: Meg Smith

Students today are amazing. The whole Millennials are lazy, unfocused and wrapped up in their own little world might be the picture from the outside, but upon deeper exploration, this generation has a lot to offer. Walking into a college classroom in 2015 means hearing about life outside the classroom because the lines are no longer blurred, the lines are gone. read more

Endowment Name Change-Cowley College Foundation

On July 1, 2015 in an effort to update our name and more clearly reflect our mission, the Cowley College Endowment Association was officially renamed the Cowley College Foundation. The newly renamed foundation will remain focused on providing support to the students, faculty and staff of Cowley College, the same as we did when we were founded back in 1967. read more

Leaving a Legacy-Your Estate Plan

Including the Cowley College Foundation as part of your estate plan is a wonderful way to ensure you will leave a legacy for generations to come. Not only will your estate gift ensure future Cowley Tigers have access to scholarships and top-notch programs, but it will help to secure our future as one of the top community colleges in the nation. The best part – we are always willing to visit with you about making your dreams a reality through an estate gift. We will work with you one-on-one to understand the vision you have for your estate and match it with the needs of the college and our students. read more

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