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Policies & Procedures




A potential conflict of interest arises whenever a person is identified pursuant to this policy as having a direct or indirect financial interest with The College.

A person has a financial interest if the person has, directly or indirectly, through business, investment or family (a) an ownership or investment interest in any entity with which The College has a transaction or arrangement, or (b) a compensation arrangement with The College or with any entity or individual with which The College has a transaction or arrangement, or (c) an actual or potential ownership or investment interest in, or compensation arrangement with, any entity or individual with which The College is negotiating a transaction or arrangement.  Compensation includes direct or indirect remuneration as well as gifts or favors that are more than incidental.

It is the intent of Cowley College to avoid whenever possible, even the appearance of impropriety, each employee and Board member will:

  1.  Immediately disclose any direct or indirect arrangement, agreement, investment or other activity with any vendor, supplier, or other party doing business with the College, or changes therein
  2. Refrain from participation in any discussion, selection, award, vote or administration of a purchase or contract with which the employee or Board member has a potential conflict of interest

For purposes of this policy, family is defined as spouse, parent or other ancestor, sibling or spouse’s sibling, child or spouse’s child, grandchild or spouse’s grandchild, great-grandchild or spouse’s great-grandchild, or any other relative if the latter resides in the same household as the interested person.

Contracts or minutes of meetings should reflect the disclosure of the conflict of interest and the steps taken by the employee or Board member to alleviate the conflict.


Potential conflict of interest disclosure forms will be maintained in the office of the Chief Business Officer.