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Policies & Procedures




Evaluation of student performance shall be a continuing and inclusive process for the benefit of the whole individual, so that in addition to the grade record or transcript, an appraisal of achievement is available for counseling and advisory purposes.

  1. Instructors shall explain their evaluation procedures to students at the beginning of each semester, and any special requirements should be clarified.
  2. A complete record of all evaluative data for each student shall be maintained by the instructor and should be available for review by the student at his request.
  3. Regular oral or written examinations shall be administered in the regular class period unless other arrangements are made with the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  4. A final examination is required for each college credit course, unless specifically exempted by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Final examinations are to be administered according to a schedule established by the Registrar in consultation with the Vice President of Academic Affairs unless special authorization to change is given by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Final examinations at branch campuses will be given the last day of the course unless prior arrangements have been made with the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  5. All tests or examinations must be administered under the supervision of an instructor or a proctor approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  6. When tests or examinations are administered in the same course at different times, it is recommended that instructors prepare parallel but different forms of the test for each section.


Adopted October 18, 1971
Reviewed July 11, 1989
Revised July 21, 2003
Revised May 1, 2008
Revised July 21, 2008