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Intramural Sports


Intramural Sports

In addition to the intercollegiate sports at Cowley, we also offer a comprehensive intramural sports program. There are a variety of intramural activities offered. Coed volleyball, flag football, coed softball, dodge ball , basketball, kickball, soccer, frisbee golf, badminton, tennis and relay games.


Any student is eligible to participate in intramurals.  It is a great way to get in shape and make new friends. There are many sports are offered through out the year, and new suggestions are always welcome!


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2017 Intramural Sports Calendar

Date Event Time
Jan. 24 Free Pool in Jungle 7-10 pm
Jan. 26 2 on 2 Pool tournament in Jungle 7 pm
Feb. 7 Indoor Soccer at Cowley Rec 7-10 pm
Feb. 9 Indoor Soccer at Cowley Rec 7-10 pm
Feb. 13 Indoor Soccer at Cowley Rec 7-10 pm
Feb. 20 Presidents Day Ping Pong Tournament in the Jungle 7 pm
Feb. 23 Free Bowling (Hill Crest Lanes) TBA
Feb. 27 5 on 5 basketball TBA
Feb. 28 Free Throw Competition/ Knock out Competition TBA
Mar 1 5 on 5 Basketball TBA
Mar 2 2 on 2 water pong tournament TBA
Mar 6 5 on 5 Basketball TBA
Mar 8 5 on 5 Basketball TBA
Apr 4 Slow Pitch Softball 6 pm
Apr 6 Slow Pitch Softball 6 pm
Apr 10 Slow Pitch Softball 6 pm
Apr 12 Slow Pitch Softball 6 pm

Past Events

bowling intramuralsFebruary 2015

During the month of February, Cowley Intramurals put on a bowling tournament. There were a total of 7 teams with 4 players per each team. The winning team was Zach Heyer, Garret Wolf, Jennifer Lechner, and Jacob Westerman. There was some skilled bowlers that participated. Zach Heyer and Garret Wolf both had high scores of “212” in the tournament.

September 2014
Cowley College had a couple of successful Intramural competitions during September, 2014.

There was a free throw contest, knock out contest, and ping pong tournament. There were close to 50 students that participated in the free throw and knock out competitions, along with 20 participants in the ping pong tournament.


KO Champs Winners of the Free Throw Contest:
Tayon McNeal (1st)
Lauren Collyer (2nd)

Winners of the Knock Out Contest:
Jabbar Bennet (1st)
Christian Defalco (2nd)


ping pong champsWinners of the Ping Pong Tournament:
Marcelo Balderama (1st)
Erwirk Giboyeaux (2nd)
Virgil Reed (3rd)
Juan Bermudez (4th)


View photos of previous Intramural events:


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