Cowley College Board of Trustees

Highlights from the Cowley College Board of Trustees Meetings

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Academic Year 2007-2008

July 22, 2008
Avery named Chairman at regular monthly Board meeting

  • Donna Avery was named the Chairman of Cowley College’s Board of Trustees during the school’s regular monthly meeting held Monday in the McAtee Dining Center.
  • Officers elected for the upcoming year: Chairman, Donna Avery; vice-chairman, Mark Paton; Kansas Association of Community College Trustees voting delegate, Ron Godsey; Association of Community College Trustees voting delegate, Albert Bacastow Jr.; Board representative for professional negotiations, Mark Paton; trustee designated to open bids, each member of the Board; and the trustee designated as the Board representative to the College Endowment Association, LaDonna Lanning.
  • The Board also appointed Libby Palmer as clerk of the Board, Tony Crouch as treasurer of the Board, and David Andreas as Board attorney.
  • The Board designated Home National Bank, Union State Bank, CornerBank and Verus Bank as official depositories for college funds, designated the Arkansas City Daily Traveler and Winfield Courier for publication of official notices, and kept the Board meeting time at 6:15 p.m. on the third Monday of every month.
  • changed the August Board meeting date to Aug. 11, which would also be the adoption of the 2008-09 operating budgets.
  • provided members of the Board with the 2008-09 KACCT Calendar of Events.
  • Crouch provided members of the Board with the proposed operating Revenue and Expenditures for 2008-09. The final budget will be presented at the Aug. 11 Board of Trustee meeting.
  • approved the following policies: Pets/Animals and College Facility Policy; College Vehicles; Refund of Tuition and Fees; Intercollegiate Athletics; and Substance Abuse Policy for Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • submitted the policy Technology Usage by Employees for first reading.
  • Cowley First gave Cowley College $30,000 to use towards training. A business and industry meeting has been set in August.


June 24, 2008
Cowley to continue working with Winfield Economic Group

  • Providing an update on Economic Development during Monday night’s monthly Board Meeting, Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee told members of the college’s Board of Trustees that the college will continue to be active in business and industry and work with the Winfield Economic Group.
  • heard an update from Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee on the sessions held during the KACCT/COP Retreat in Hutchinson. He informed the Board that the funding formula for new allocation has been tabled. Also at the Retreat, there was discussion to form a committee to find a replacement for KACCT executive director Sheila Frahm.
  • received an instructional report from Slade Griffiths, vice president of academic affairs.
  • heard from Liz Shepard, director of Upward Bound, and a student in the program about what the program is doing this summer.
  • submitted five policies for first reading. The policies are: Pets/Animals and College Facility Policy, College Vehicles, Refund of Tuition and Fees, Intercollegiate Athletics, and Substance Abuse policy for Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • Margaret Neal, Golden Tigers program coordinator, provided an annual report on the 2007-08 activities offered and trips during the past year. The program continues to be a vital part of continuing education and provides activities to over 300 participants each year.


May 20, 2008
Griffiths named Cowley College's vice president of academic affairs

  • Having spent the past 12 years as Cowley College’s director of EMS Education, Slade Griffiths will step into a new role at the college as he was named the school’s vice president of academic affairs.
  • approved the request for Dr. McAtee and Donna Avery to attend the KACCT/COP Annual Summer Retreat on June 20-21, at Hutchinson Community College.
  • heard from Jason O'Toole, director of student support services, and five of his IMPACT students. O'Toole provided the Board with a brief overview of the IMPACT program.
  • Dr. McAtee discussed with the Board a proposal for Economic Development.
  • approved the employment of Cynthia Jones as Mulvane Center Coordinator.


April 22, 2008
Board approves purchase of tasers for security officers

  • voted in favor of purchasing three tasers for its security officers .
  • discussed the Annual Summer KACCT/Cop Retreat, which will be hosted by Hutchinson Community College on June 20-21.
  • Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services, provided an update on construction of the new dorm. The anticipated finish date is Aug. 4.
  • approved the employment of Tiffany Sowa as director of E-Learning, effective April 22.


March 18, 2008
Safety issues discussed at Board Meeting

  • members of Cowley College’s campus security provided Board Members with information on campus security and future security techniques for the college
  • accepted the resignation of Sheree Utash as vice president of academic affairs, effective May 30; Accepted the resignation of Sarah Leftwich as dean of north campus, effective June 1; Accepted the resignation of Pam Doyle as Dean of enrollment and retention services, effective July 1; Accepted the resignation of Susan Norton as Dean of corporate education and director of business, computer and information technology for north campuses, effective May 30; Accepted the resignation of Lisa Roberts as director of business, industry and entrepreneurship, effective March 27.
  • approved the proposal to extend the employment of Steve Eck as head men’s basketball coach and Todd Clark as head women’s basketball coach.
  • Mark Paton made a motion to approve the proposed lease on property at Crystal Point, located at 4900 E. Pawnee in Wichita, subject to approval of the lease agreement.


February 19, 2008
Roof to be on new dorm by early April

  • Ron Godsey and LaDonna Lanning provided the Board members with a synopsis of the Community College National Legislative Seminar they attended Feb. 11-13 in Washington, D.C.
  • Mark Paton Donna Avery, Ron Godsey, and Dr. McAtee discussed the PTK Honor’s Luncheon they attended Feb. 14 in Topeka. Avery and Dr. McAtee provided an update on the KACCT Board/Cop meeting they attended prior to the PTK Honor’s Luncheon.
  • Rama Peroo, Diana Dicken, Janet Kennedy, and Ben Schears showed the members of the Board the new television commercial and infomercial. They then followed with a power point presentation showing different projects they are working on in terms of marketing Cowley College.
  • approved the decision to send out proposals for potential refunding of Certificates for the track facility.
  • approved no increase in tuition except for International students. They also approved a $3 increase in fees for all students. International tuition should increase 10 percent, or $15 as discussed when implementing the international student recruitment services. They also approved a three percent increase in rates for next year for dorm charges in 2008-09. This represents a $700 or 20 percent per year increase for a 14 meal plan and $700 or 19.44 percent per year increase for the 19 meal plan.


February 29, 2008
Board approves refunding of certificates for the track facility

  • approved the resolution of the refunding of certificates for the college’s track facility during a special meeting of the Board. By approving the resolution of the refunding of certificates for its track facility, Cowley College will save $28,835 out of next year’s budget.


January 23, 2008
New dorm remains on schedule

  • the new dorm at Cowley College maintains an estimated completion date of Aug. 1, Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services at Cowley College told the Board of Trustees.
  • viewed a Kansas Board of Regents press release showing Cowley among 22 institutions that received funding to enhance their technical education programs.
  • approved revisions to the heat and air system to more completely address potential humidity issues similar to those experienced this fall in the Kimmell Dormitory. Cost of the change order is $35,146.
  • approved the Audit Contract, submitted by Parman, Tanner, Soule, and Jackson for the annual audit of the accounts and records of Cowley College for the year ending June 30, 2008.
  • announced Mark Potter, Suzanne Kerr, Larry Grose, and Bill Clarahan will be inducted into the Tiger Athletic Hall of Fame on Feb. 16.


November 20, 2007
Basement eliminated from new dorm at Cowley

  • due to an unexpected discovery of groundwater at the site just as excavation of the building was being completed, plans for the dorm have been revised to eliminate the basement and move everything above grade.
  • submitted the following policies for editorial change: Fringe Benefits-Administrative Staff, Fringe Benefits-Classified Personnel, Absence and Sick Leave-Administrative and Classified Personnel, Use of College Property and Academic Honors.
  • presented for first reading the policy of Use of Tobacco on Campus.
  • Dr. McAtee provided members of the Board with a copy of the KACCT Revenue by Source year end June 30, 2006. A summary worksheet was prepared by the KACCBO, January 2007.
  • approved the purchase of property at 109 North Fourth, in the amount of $20,000.


October 16, 2007
Chevron representative speaks to Board of Trustees

  • John O’Herron, Business Development Manager of Chevron, presented a program called Energy Savings Performance Contracting
  • heard from Board members Ron Godsey and Donna Avery about the ACCT Community College


September 18, 2007
Morrow to retire after 18 years at the college

  • Having worked at Cowley College since 1990, Terri Morrow, dean of development and college relations, submitted a letter of retirement, effective January 1, 2008.
  • approved the decision to purchase the property at 416 West Washington.
  • approved a resolution that since Lee Gregg Jr. and Mark Paton were invited to an exploratory meeting with representatives of the city, college, USD 470 and county, that they indicate an interest in a communication tool when the purpose is defined and structured.


August 14, 2007
Board approves raises during regular monthly meeting

  • Salary increases for classified staff and administrators at Cowley College were approved Monday night by the college’s Board of Trustees at its regular monthly meeting. Classified staff and administrators will receive a 2 percent increase in salary or hourly wage. Administrators received raises on July 1, staff on August 1. 
  • approved the 2007-08 operating budget. Revenues are based on 82,372 credit hours, a state operating grant of $8,340,532 and a county valuation of $212,863,385.
  • The projected mill levy of 19.997 is an increase of 1.402 mills over the final 2006-07 levy.
  • approved the resolution pertaining to the sale of bonds for the construction of the new dormitory.
  • submitted the Drug-Free Workplace policy for editorial change.
  • approved the changes for the 2007-08 Health/Dental insurance coverage as provided.