Cowley College Board of Trustees

Highlights from the Board of Trustees' Meetings

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Academic Year 2008-2009

July 21, 2009
Paton named Chairman at regular monthly Board meeting

  • Mark Paton was named the Chairman of Cowley College’s Board of Trustee’s.
  • Swore in Dennis K. Shurtz as a member of the Board of Trustees.
  • Extended the contracts of Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee and the college’s administrative staff through the 2010-2011 academic school year.\
  • Approved the purchase of properties located at 1600 and 1600 ½ S. Summit Street in Arkansas City.
  • Viewed a proposed operating budget for the 2009-2010 academic year. The final budget will be presented at the Aug. 10 Board of Trustee meeting.
  • Viewed the fall enrollment report that indicates as of July 20, full-time equivalency was 1,915, which is up from 1,857 this time last year.


June 16, 2009
Lanning completes term as member of Board of Trustees

  • After 12 years and three terms as a member of the Cowley College Board of Trustees, LaDonna Lanning attended her final meeting Monday night in the McAtee Dining Center.
  • Filling the vacated spot on the Board of Trustees will be former Board member Dennis K. Shurtz, who served as a member of the Board from 1991 to 1999 and was Board Chair once during his pair of four-year terms.
  • approved salary increases for classified staff and administrators at Cowley College.
  • viewed a letter from the Kansas Health Foundation informing the college of a Recognition Grant to fund the PAWS-itive Promotions project.
  • approved the proposed Fee Agreement in reference to the Vocational Education Funding Litigation contingent upon two changes.
  • approved the agreement from South Central Kansas Regional Medical Center to provide transportation to be used by SCKRMC in the event of a mass casualty or a disaster that required the hospital to evacuate.
  • reviewed a list of new courses that were approved.
  • approved the Administrative contracts of Dr. Patrick J. McAtee, Tony Crouch, Slade Griffiths, Sue Saia, Charles McKown and Tom Saia for one year.
  • approved the employment of Sunni Sheets as full-time graphic design instructor, effective Aug. 1


May 19, 2009
Board approves resurfacing of track at Sports Complex

  • approves resurfacing of the track.
  • new courses approved: Introduction to Forensic Chemistry, Infant and Toddler Care, and Basic Yoga.
  • 2008-09 performance agreement was successfully presented and accepted by the Kansas Board of Regents Academic Affairs committee on April 15 with a recommendation of 100 percent funding.
  • agreement between the Board of Trustees and the Cowley County Community College Education Association as the representative of the Professional Employees.


April 21, 2009
Board approves lease agreement with Builders, Inc.

  • approved a three-year lease agreement with Builders, Inc. for the property located at 8821 West 21st Street, Suite 400, for the Cowley College Westside Center.
  • Approved a 4.8 percent increase in dorm charges for 2009-2010.
  • Approved the following new courses: Introduction to Cinema; Diversity Issues in Leadership; Motorcycle Safety. Approved the new Anthropology Degree.
  • Approved the employment of Tommy DeSalme as head men’s basketball coach.


April 10, 2009
Shurtz returns to Cowley College Board of Trustees

  • Dennis K. Shurtz is once again a member of the Cowley College Board of Trustees.
  • Along with Shurtz, incumbents Donna Avery and Albert Bacastow Jr. were re-elected to the board. Avery, who serves as the Board Chair, was top vote-getter in Tuesday's local elections. Shurtz was second, while Bacastow Jr. was third.


March 17, 2009
Eck announces resignation at Cowley

  • after two successful seasons as the head men’s basketball coach at Cowley College, Steve Eck has announced his resignation.
  • heard about the meeting with Pratt and Dodge City Community College on Feb. 17 to discuss the college’s technical program funding issues.
  • heard from Dr. Pat McAtee and Tony Crouch regarding the hearing with the House Higher Education Committee they attended March 3 in Topeka. Information was presented concerning the varied methods of funding for merged community colleges in the state.
  • Michelle Schoon, Chair/AQIP Steering Committee, provided Board of Trustee members with a PowerPoint presentation on the Key Institutional Measures.
  • approved no increase in tuition for Cowley County residents, a $5 increase for in-state residents, $10 for Oklahoma residents, $2 for out-of-state residents, and a return to the 2008 rate of $151 for international students. Also, no change in fees for all students.
  • approved the following new classes: Cooperative Education 1; Cooperative Education II; Cooperative Education III; Cooperative Education IV; Certified Wedding Planner; Introduction to TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator; Autocad Basics; Autocad Advanced; Introduction to Computer Forensics; Coldfusion I.
  • approved the employment of Jenifer Bahner as head volleyball coach, effective Feb. 18.


February 17, 2009
Board approves repairs to be done on Brown Center roof

  • Approved to use the majority of the Deferred Maintenance Tax Credit program to use repair two sections of the Brown Center roof.
  • Godsey and Dr. McAtee attended the KACCT Board/COP meeting. Godsey was elected to serve as secretary for the KACCT beginning in September.
  • Slade Griffiths, vice president of academic affairs, provided members of the Board with a brief overview of the Strategic Planning Survey.
  • Accepted a letter of resignation from Joanna Pryor as head volleyball coach2008.


January 21, 2009
Cowley College, USD 470 agree to lease athletic facilities

  • approved the agreement for the College and USD 470 to lease each other’s athletic facilities for competitive games and limited practice free of any charges, subject to a few conditions.
  • approved that the Arkansas City Recreation Commission will be able to utilize City Ball Park, which is owned by Cowley College, for junior and American Legion baseball games.
  • approved the College to enter into an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Winfield and the City of Arkansas City for the Neighborhood Revitalization Plans.
  • heard about the joint Trustee/Legislative Administration breakfast with Cowley College and Butler Community College, held Jan. 10 at the Terradyne Country Club.
  • heard from Dr. Pat McAtee and Ron Godsey about the reception/dinner meeting with the Kansas Board of Regents and KACCT, which was held Jan. 14 in Topeka.
  • approved the following new classes: Theory of Coaching Basketball; Introduction of Javascript; Introduction of Visual C#.Net for Developers; Introduction to XML; Microsoft Visio; Introduction to SQL; Introduction to PHP; Precision Measurement and Quality Control; Occupational Safety and Health; Applied Shop Mathematics; Employability Skills; Blueprint Reading for Industry.
  • accepted a letter of retirement from Bruce Watson as coordinator athletic/community/minority counselor, effective Jan. 26.


November 18, 2008
College agrees to take over ownership of City Ball Park

  • With an opportunity to control the rights to City Ball Park in Arkansas City, Cowley College’s Board of Trustees moved to approve the contract with the City of Arkansas City tentatively and with contingencies based upon USD 470’s next Board Meeting.
  • heard about the 2008 ACCT Community College Leadership Congress in New York City that was attended by Board members Donna Avery, Mark Paton, Ron Godsey, and Albert Bacastow, Jr.
  • approved the Tuition Reimbursement for Full-Time Classified Staff policy.
  • approved the following classes: Codes and Practices; Ballet I; Ballet II; Ballet III; Ballet IV; Jazz Dance I; Jazz Dance II; Jazz Dance III; Jazz Dance IV; Teams and Leadership; Principles of Phlebotomy; and Phlebotomy Field Experience.
  • the Computer Support Specialist AAS degree/certificate program has been placed on inactive status.
  • recommended changing policy 262.00 to more accurately define the incomplete grade process.
  • accepted a letter of resignation of Brett Butler as CTE Department Chair and Director of Cooperative Education, effective Dec. 19.


October 21, 2008
Master Agreement approved during monthly Board Meeting

  • the 2009-2010 Master Agreement between the Board of Trustees of Cowley College and the Cowley College Education Association was approved.
    Reviewed letters and documents Dr. McAtee sent to Senator Greta Goodwin and Representatives Ed Trimmer and Kasha Kelly, seeking legislative relief for the inequitable funding situation.
  • Viewed a memorandum from Sheila Frahm/KACCT in reference to the proposed Technical Education Statute recommendations.
  • Received an academic update that the following classes were approved: Introduction to Exercise Science; Sport and Exercise Psychology; Therapeutic Exercise in Rehabilitation; Aerobic Development for the Cardiovascular System; Communications Practicum I; Communications Practicum II; Communications Practicum III; Communications Practicum IV; Service and Learning: Impacting Community I; Service and Learning: Impacting Community II; Service and Learning: Impacting Community III; Service and Learning: Impacting Community IV.


September 16, 2008
Board approves Senior Gold Card program

  • approved a Senior Gold Card program that will allow all Cowley County citizens, 65 and over, to attend Cowley College sporting events and performances in the Robert Brown Theatre at no charge.
  • approved the Actuarial Services.
  • approved the Golf Course Management AA degree (KSU transfer degree).


August 12, 2008
Board approves raises during regular monthly meeting

  • approves salary increases for classified staff and administrators. Classified staff and administrators will receive a 3 percent increase in salary or hourly wage. In addition, Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee proposes a one-time payment of 2% of the 2007-08 respective pay rates for each employee employed prior to April 1, 2008 to be disbursed in September 2008.
  • also approved the 2008-09 operating budget. Revenues are based on in-state enrollments of 54,000 credit hours, a state operating grant of $8,504,622 and a county valuation of $212,884,223.
    The projected mill levy of 19.997 is a slight increase of 0.065 mills over the final 2007-08 levy.
  • the college has received its Certificate of Occupancy for the Central Avenue Dorm.
  • approved revisions to the Admission and Adjunct Instructor Classroom Assessment policies.