Fall 2020 Professional Development Day

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  • Lea Aunins, LMSW with EMPAC
  • Keynote: The Power of Positivity
    Lea Aunins, LMSW with EMPAC

    It is an understatement to say 2020 has presented us with a few challenges. We have had to be flexible and adapt to a new normal with COVID. Our communities and families are experiencing high levels of stress, and many have had to quickly learn and use new skills in order to survive and move forward. So how do we survive, and even thrive, during such difficult times? This presentation will focus on how a positive mindset can alter our experiences to be those of hope and optimism. It outlines some principles set forth by Jon Gordon in his book “The Positive Dog” about how to make a change to our internal narrative that will impact the story of our life.


    The Positive Pledge  Smile and Laugh Exercises


Virtual Breakout Session 1

  • Deb Layton
  • Cheat-Proof Your Class: A Proactive Approach to Building Assignments That Ward Off Various Forms of Cheating and How to Catch Those Who Do It
    Deb Layton – Faculty, Cowley College

    Are you frustrated by the cheating in your class? This session will explore strategies for building assignments that make it difficult for students to cheat. We will also discuss using tools like Safe Assign to help you spot plagiarism, and what to do when cheating does occur. *Bring an assignment where cheating has been a problem to work together and find ways to adapt it so that students can’t do it anymore!

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  • Deborah Phelps
  • Chart a New Path with Tableau!
    Deborah Phelps – Executive of Institutional Effectiveness, Cowley College

    Are you yearning for new adventures at work? Join a group of hearty explorers in an interactive workshop that will take you on a new, uncharted data visualization journey with Tableau. During this hands-on presentation, you will learn how Tableau can make information more accessible for decision-making.

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  • Julie Rhoads
  • Don’t Just WILL It! (Potentially Sensitive Topic)
    Julie Rhoads – Faculty, Cowley College

    Often families assume establishing the Will is sufficient preparation, however alternatives should be considered. During these especially challenging times and many unknowns, families need to have real conversations about appropriate legal documents, beyond the Will, to ensure others have access to necessary resources for the care of loved ones. I am not an attorney, however in the session I will share personal experience and offer topics for you, your family, and potentially your legal counsel to consider. Topics will include Health Care Durable POA, Financial Durable POA, Universal HIPAA, TODs or PODs, TODs for Deed(s), Living Will or Directive, and more.

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  • Rhoda MacLauglin-Ramirez
  • Spotlighting Focus 2 and Ebsco: a career assessment tool and a research database
    Rhoda MacLauglin-Ramirez - Director of Library Services, Cowley College

    FOCUS 2 is an online career assessment and advising tool that matches career options and majors. Students can take assessments based on work interests, personality, leisure interests, values, and skills. The assessment results are combined to suggest relevant occupations.

    Ebsco is subscription database that gives users access to thousands of full-text journal articles, non-fiction e-books, and a whole lot more. It offers quality, credible research right at your fingertips (and even tells you how to cite its resources). Ebsco is great for both academic research and personal enrichment.

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  • Dr. Dennis Rittle
  • The Toolbox of Transcendent Best Practices in Leadership
    Dr. Dennis Rittle – President, Cowley College

    This interactive workshop will guide participants to leverage the best practices in using the various types of power, the various types of leadership, and mapping networks, as well as in implementing change, building trust, and managing conflict. Lastly, participants will learn coping strategies to manage feelings of loneliness and despair, which are common to those who serve in leadership roles.

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All College Keynote


  • Sean Glassberg
  • The Socioeconomic Impact on Lower Income College Students
    Sean Glassberg, Educator Training & Consulting

    Faculty and staff review the research that demonstrates how lower socioeconomic status (SES) affects student retention, success, motivation, learning behavior and soft skills development. After examining the research, we consider several different strategies designed to boost success and retention rates of lower SES students as well as enhance their understanding of poverty’s relationship to higher education in the two-year college.

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Virtual Breakout Session 2

  • Kirsten dos Santos
  • Engaging Students in the Age of COVID: How to maintain social distance while still employing what works between learners and instructors
    Kirsten dos Santos – Faculty, Cowley College

    Social distancing has caused many of us to go back to the proverbial drawing board and restructure our methodology in the classroom. It’s posed challenges concerning the sharing of materials, interdependency, and conferencing. This session aims to resolve some of those issues by providing technological alternatives to what we have grown used to in the traditional setting. We will concentrate on real-time digital posting apps, online schedulers, and game-based learning platforms as well as how to use some features of Zoom and Blackboard that you may have missed.

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  • DeAnna Harp

    Jamie McGee

  • The Dreaded “F“ Word: Financial Aid
    DeAnna Harp – Financial Aid Specialist, Cowley College & Jamie McGee – Bursar, Cowley College

    This session will cover the basics of financial aid. Having an overview of how financial aid works and various consequences attached to retention and completion of coursework can assist faculty, coaches, sponsors, and advisors in helping students with their overall academic success. An overview of billing practices and how account balances are connected to financial aid can help you assist students in understanding their fiscal responsibility. A reminder of on-campus resources and services will be included.

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  • Holly Harper
  • Maximize YOUR Budget Power!
    Holly Harper - VP of Finance and Administration, Cowley College

    Come learn more about how the college builds the budget! Develop an understanding of the college revenue sources and expenses. Discover the college goals/outcomes in budget process and the analytics involved in building the overall budget. Learn more about how to USE YOUR budget via TigerConnect and the requisition process.

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  • Brandon Burke
  • Ways College Recruiting Has Changed During Quarantine
    Brandon Burke – Admissions/Recruitment, Cowley College

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic nationally and globally has changed the way we think about and do almost everything in our lives. So how has this change impacted recruiting? Talk with Recruiting Coordinators to get their take on what has changed in recruiting during the quarantines.

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  • Suicide Prevention: Intervention
    DCCA Online Training Modules

    DCCA, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with sites in Lawrence and Wichita. They offer a wide range of services to address various mental and behavioral health, fostering/adopting, and family preservation. This online training will offer modules as part of the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center and will focus on how YOU can identify risk factors and warning signs, development a better understanding of helpful intervention strategies, as well as be provided resources.

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All Faculty Cross Academy Training Session

  • Cowley College logo
  • The K. Patricia Cross Academy: Instructional Strategies
    K. Patricia Cross Academy

    Faculty will engage with the academy’s website by reviewing various instructional strategies and reflecting on the potential use in both face-to-face and online learning environments. Faculty will be required to offer a summary of the chosen strategies and potential implementation during instruction.

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