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Henrietta Courtright was a math instructor at the college before she served as major of Arkcity.

Henrietta Courtright

Henrietta Courtright was a respected math instructor on the staff of Arkansas City Junior College from 1936 until she retired in 1969.


But her service didn’t end with 33 years as a math instructor at the college. In the mid-1970s, Courtright was elected to the City Commission of Arkansas City. She served as mayor of Arkansas City from 1974-1975.


She also was the first recipient of The Harry Long Award, presented by The Salvation Army to a person or persons who demonstrate a love and commitment to the city of Arkansas City. Courtright and Paul Carey were given the award in 1975.


Courtright was a member of a very strong faculty at ACJC, as noted by a team of evaluators in 1959. The evaluators spoke favorably about the maturity and tenure of the college staff. Courtright’s fellow faculty members included J. Kelsey Day, Paul Johnson, Carl Holman, Pauline B. Sleeth, Lawrence Chaplin, Gaye Iden, Edith Joyce Davis, Allan Maag, Dan Stark, and Anne Hawley.


This veteran staff had served ACJC from 20-35 years or more. Courtright was one of four ACJC faculty members who were named Master Teachers of Kansas by Emporia State University. Joining Courtright were Iden, Day, and Kurt R. Galle, who had served as dean of the college.


The college honored Courtright by having a conference room on the lower level of the Nelson Student Center named for her. Throughout the years, it has been used by the college and the community as a place to conduct meetings, workshops, and seminars.

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