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Board of Trustees In 1967 a separate board of trustees was elected by cowley county citizens to serve the college.

When Arkansas City Junior College held classes for the first time on Sept. 11, 1922, decisions that affected it were made by the Arkansas City Board of Education. The Unified School District No. 470 Board acted in a dual capacity by also serving as trustees of the college.


That all changed on July 1, 1967, when a separate Board of Trustees, elected by the citizens of Cowley County, assumed full control of the college. The first elected Board was comprised of Ed Gilliland, Jack Mercer, Dan Walker, Harold Walker, Walter David, and Aubrey Foster Sr. The Board designated Dr. Paul Johnson, who was serving as dean of the college at the time, to be president of the newly reorganized institution. W.S. Scott was appointed as academic dean, and Tony Buffo was named dean of the vocational-technical division.


Since that election in 1967, those serving on the six-member Board of Trustees have been put in office to serve either two- or four-year terms. Most members serve four years, but during the history of the college's Board of Trustees, several people have been elected to fill unexpired terms.


The current Board sets the policy and direction of the college. Cowley is coordinated by the Kansas Board of Regents. Prior to just a few years ago, the college, along with all other community colleges in the state, was coordinated by the Kansas Board of Education. Much has changed throughout the life of the college, yet some important principles have not. It still is accountable to taxpayers, and all Board of Trustees' meetings are open to the public.



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