Academic Information

Graduation Requirements

Associate of Arts Degree Worksheet

BASIC SKILLS (12 required credit hours)

__ENG2211 Composition I (3)
__ENG2212 Composition II (3)
__COM2711 Public Speaking (3) (or)
__COM2725 Interpersonal Communication (3)
__MTH4420 College Algebra or higher level course (3)


COMPUTER LITERACY (3 credit hours) select one:

__CAP1516 Computer Applications
__CAP1517 Advanced Computer Applications
__CIS1715 Introduction to Computer Science
__CIS1868 Java Programming
__CIS1876 C Programming
__CIS1868 Java Programming
__CIS1876  C Programming
__CGA2014 Intro to Computer Graphics
__CAP1722 Microsoft Word
__CAP1749 Microsoft Excel
__CAP1752 Microsoft Access

HUMANITIES (9 credit hours)

No more than one course from each department will count toward the division requirements.
Studio and performance courses cannot be included.

__ART2111 Art Appreciation
__ART2141 Art History I
__ART2142 Art History II

__HIS6411 United States History to 1877
__HIS6412 United States History since 1865
__HIS6420 World History I
__HIS6421 World History II

__HUM2921 Integrated Humanities

__LIT2511 Introduction to Literature
__LIT2531 African American Literature
__LIT2550 American Literature I
__LIT2551 American Literature II
__LIT2560 English Literature I
__LIT2561 English Literature II
__LIT2563 Gender And Genre: Women's Literature Past And Present
__LIT2565 Dramatic Literature
__LIT2567 Ethnicity And Identity: Native American Literature

Minority Studies
__MIN6440 Women and Health
__MIN6442 Cultural Minorities in the United States

Modern Languages
__FOL2330 Spanish I
__FOL2331 Spanish II
__FOL2343 Chinese Language and Culture I

__MUS2611 Music Appreciation
__MUS2619 World Music

__PHO6447 Introduction to Philosophy
__PHO6460 Ethics

__REL6430 Comparative Religions
__REL6432 Survey of the Old Testament
__REL6434 Survey of the New Testament
__REL6436 Life and Teaching of Christ

__THE2730 Theatre Appreciation


SOCIAL SCIENCES (9 credit hours)
No more than one course from each department will count toward the division requirements.

__ANT6911 Cultural Anthropology

__ECO6113 Principles of Macroeconomics
__ECO6114 Principles of Microeconomics
__GEG6120 Principles of Geography

Political Science
__POL6611 American National Government
__POL6612 State and Local Government

__PSY6711 General Psychology
__PSY6712 Developmental Psychology

__SOC6811 Principles of Sociology
__SOC6816 Social Problems
__SOC6817 Human Sexuality
__SOC6823 Marriage & Family Relations


NATURAL SCIENCE (5 credit hours)

__BIO4111 Principles of Biology
__BIO4118 Environmental Biology (3)
__BIO4125 General Biology I
__BIO4135 General Biology II
__BIO4148 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
__BIO4149 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
__BIO4150 Human Anatomy and Physiology
__BIO4151 Anatomy and Physiology Enhancement (1)
__BIO4160 Microbiology
__CHM4211 General Chemistry
__CHM4220 Chemistry I
__CHM4230 Chemistry II
__CHM4250 Organic Chemistry I
__CHM4251 Organic Chemistry II
__GEO4311 Geology
__GEO4312 Meteorology (3)
__PHS4511 Physical Science
__PHS4530 Introductory Astronomy
__PHS450 General Physics I
__PHS451 General Physics II
__PHS4560 Engineering Physics I
__PHS4561 Engineering Physics II



__ ALH5211 Basic First Aid
__ ALH6312 Personal Health and Community Hygiene (3)
__ ALH6323 First Aid and CPR
__ALH6324 Basic First Aid and CPR
__ HPR6325 Lifetime Fitness
__ Any Physical Education activity course


GENERAL ELECTIVES (23 credit hours)

Selection of electives are determined by major program of study.