Distance Learning

Hybrid (blended) courses

HybridHybrid (blended) courses blend traditional classroom instruction with online distance education (1/4th classroom and 3/4th online). Students meet in classrooms for lectures or presentations and complete the rest of their coursework independently using the Internet.

Online content which the student will be able to access at anytime with information such as instructions, lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, video, audio, assignments, and announcements regarding the course. Note that in most cases, the major portion of the course will be conducted via the Internet, and not in the classroom.

On-campus classes are designed for learning activities which provide assimilation time, greater depth and breadth of content and application of newly acquired knowledge.

To view the Hybrid courses offered at Cowley College, go to Class Schedules.

Select a semester (Fall, Spring, Summer.)

Drop down the By Distance Learning Mode menu and select Hybrid option.

You will be directed to a schedule that indicates the educational center that the on-campus sessions for each class is held. The portions of Hybrid classes that are on-campus are held at the Cowley College campus in Arkansas City, the Winfield Center in Winfield, and the Mulvane Center in Mulvane.