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Enrollment Visit Schedule — IMPACT

Fall 2018 Transfer Visit Schedule

Important Upcoming Sign-up Dates:

  • September 4th: Deadline to Sign-up for Friends/Newman Visit
  • September 4th: Deadline to Sign-up for Missouri Southern State University
  • September 7th: Deadline to Sign-up for the University of Kansas
  • September 11th: Deadline to Sign-up for Oklahoma State University
  • September 14th: Deadline to Sign-up for Kansas State University
  • September 18th: Deadline to Sign-up for Pittsburg State University
  • September 21st: Deadline to Sign-up for Emporia State University
  • September 25th: Deadline to Sign-up for Wichita State University
  • September 27th: Deadline to Sign-up for Fort Hays State University

Transfer Visit Travel Dates

  • September 12th: Transfer Date to Friends/Newman Visit
  • September 17th: Transfer Date to Missouri Southern State University
  • September 21st: Transfer Date to the University of Kansas
  • September 25th: Transfer Date to Oklahoma State University
  • September 28th: Transfer Date to Kansas State University
  • October 2nd: Transfer Date to Pittsburg State University
  • October 5th: Transfer Date to Emporia State University
  • October 9th: Transfer Date to Wichita State University
  • October 11th: Transfer Date to Fort Hays State University

Click here for a PDF of these Enrollment Dates

Transfer Visits are available to all Cowley Students.

To sign-up for these days, have your students come down to the Cowley IMPACT office, which is located in the Underground (basement of the Nelson Student Center).

Important Requirements: Students must have applied, sent official transcripts and been accepted to the school before attending the enrollment day.