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Kirsten dos Santos

Humanities Instructor: English, Composition, and Public Speaking
Arkansas City Campus

Kirsten dos SantosOffice: Brown Center, Humanities Office # 127
Phone: 620.441.5321

Educational Degrees:

  • BA in English Literature from Southwestern College
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Southwestern College

Professional Certifications:

  • On Course I Developmental Workshop: Certificate of Achievement

Professional Memberships:

  • Pi Gamma Mu member: International Honor Society in Social Sciences, Kansas Alpha Chapter

Professional Experience:

  • Has Presented at Southwest PCA/ACA and GPCA conferences.

Personal Biography:

Receiving her bachelor degree from Southwestern College (SC) 2009 in English Literature, Kirsten dos Santos became an adjunct instructor at SC. Enjoying the classroom experience, she still felt she wanted more background in teaching techniques and enrolled in SC’s Master of Education program in Curriculum and Instruction. Within that program, usually focusing on primary and secondary education, she was encouraged to focus her research and studies on the higher education student, who was her ultimate goal. She completed that degree in 2013 and moved to teach at Cowley CCC soon after. Now she had both the knowledge and the tools to make a successful instructor in English.

Kirsten dos Santos also brings a wealth of personal multicultural experience and understanding to her classroom. She states this is a “[strategy] that helps students to eliminate tendencies towards bias and accentuates the factors involved with living, respecting, and learning with all types of individuals.” Diversity is a vital and dynamic aspect of today’s existence and she infuses her students’ classroom experiences with these concepts. Cowley CC students may not have grown up with intercultural communication in mind; however, as citizens of an ever-shrinking global community, they will benefit from these insights developed in the composition and speech classrooms and encouraged by Ms. Dos Santos.

Believing that “writing is the foundation that moves most disciplines”, Mrs. Dos Santos strives to enthuse her students to gain a proficiency level that will serve them well throughout their careers in the classroom, the boardroom and the environment in which they live.

Personal Quotes:

“My best days as a teacher are those when I become a good translator. These are the moments when I see a clear channel between what sparks their interest and academic achievement. It is when I realize that rather than eliminating cell phones in the classroom, I could have them all go to their mobile application stores and download and vocabulary flash cards. Or grasping the fact that those Dr. Dre Beats permanently affixed to their ears might be used as a spring board for Textual Analysis. My students perform best when they are provided an opportunity to mold the curriculum into something that draws relevance to their interests. They still meet intended learning outcomes but through pathways that they design. When I find the bridge that connects my students to what they live and love on a daily basis, their academic involvement and achievement skyrockets.”

“I hope that as a writing instructor I succeed at teaching my students to formulate a succinct thesis statement for various genres that can be developed into well-organized essays…but more than that….I hope that I am remembered as the teacher who expected her students to present the best version of them. My conduct should represent a person who didn’t just “say” she cared but really demonstrated that sentiment. I intend to be the one who took them aside when necessary and shook them off of a collision course rather than stand aside and watch them crash. When they consider the space they shared with me, I hope it revealed new perspectives and awoke potential they never knew they had. Ultimately, I hope they learned that dreaming is imperative but not enough, and that it also takes will and gusto to run alongside academic stars.”