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Julie Kratt

Humanities Instructor: English, Composition, and English Literature


Kratt“Many students are afraid of writing. They have had negative experiences in the past that have caused them to feel like writing an essay is akin to having a root canal! My goal is that students will leave my classroom realizing that they each have a voice, and what they have to say is important. I want them to learn how to use standard English, of course, but I also want them to feel confident in expressing themselves.”


With a bachelor’s degree in English from Evangel College, Julie Kratt was a full-time staff member providing academic support from 1992-1999. During that time, she was also a part-time instructor who realized how much she enjoyed teaching at the college level, which inspired her to earn her master’s degree in education from Southwestern College with a goal of teaching English full time. She remembers thinking during her first time teaching Comp II, “I can’t believe they pay me to do this!”  She joined the college as a full-time faculty member in 2004 and hopes to transfer her passion for reading, writing, and learning to her students. Kratt has embraced online learning and teaches face-to-face classes, hybrids, and online courses. She has developed Cowley’s Comp I and Comp II online master courses.


Kratt teaches developmental writing, composition, and literature. Her awards have included the NISOD Master Teacher Award in 1998 and nominations for Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers in 1998, 2002, and 2007. She serves as an academic advisor and the Learning Success. She has participated in textbook reviews and revisions for Cengage, Pearson and McGraw-Hill and has reviewed and edited part of an online literature supplement for Pearson.


Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #129
Phone: (620) 441-5385