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Scott Layton
Instructor Natural Sciences


  • ScottPhD- Environmental Science, Oklahoma State University
  • MS - Curriculum and Instruction, Oklahoma State University
  • BS - Science Education, Oklahoma State University
  • Publications
    • “Engaging Undergraduates in the Scientific Process: Exploring Invertebrate Endocrine Disruption” The American Biology Teacher, May 2016
  • Awards and Certifications
    • Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence 2008-2010,
    • Stirnaman Award for Teaching Excellence, 2007-08,
    • NSF - Summer Institutes for Chemistry, Biology, and RNA Interference
    • Certifications in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Professional Organizations
    • Cowley Education Association (CEA),
    • National education Association (NEA),
    • Kansas National Education Association (KNEA),
    • American Society of Microbiologists (ASM),
    • National Association of Biology teachers (NABT)
  • Experience - 9 years, Stillwater Public Schools; 1 year, Newkirk Public Schools, Cowley County Community College 2002-present
  • Phi Theta Kappa Co-Sponsor


Office: GJ303 # 1
Phone: (620) 441-5331