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Dr. Loretta Klamik

Social Science Instructor

Office: Webb Brown Center 203, Arkansas City Campus
Phone: 620.441.5309

Loretta KlamikDr. Loretta Klamik joined the Cowley College faculty in the fall of 2015. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she earned her earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with specialized coursework in Applied Psychology: Counseling and Organizational Psychology. She then moved to Wichita, KS to attend Wichita State University where she earned her MA in Experimental Psychology (through the Community-Clinical Psychology Program) and her PhD in Psychology (through the Human Factor Psychology Program).

She is a Chicago native who has followed life’s opportunities to Wichita, Seattle, (back to) Chicago, San Antonio, and (now) Arkansas City, KS. She serves as full-time faculty teaching psychology courses and advising students in the Psychology Program at Cowley College.

When she is not working in one of her roles with the college, she is pursuing her new “side interest” in various aspects of emergency response. This side interest has led to her current position as the Vice-President of the Community Emergency Response Team (a volunteer group under the umbrella of Cowley County Emergency Management). This interest has also inspired her to: attend Cowley College (as a student) to become qualified to be a volunteer EMT, participate in the Citizen Patrol Academy sponsored by the Winfield Police Department, and complete specialized training to become part of the American Red Cross – Disaster Action Team, primarily focused on helping citizens within Cowley County.

Dr. Klamik has a five-year plan that includes working more closely with Cowley County Emergency Management and other organizations to develop knowledge and experience related to mental health first aid (MHFA), disaster psychology, and community psychology as it relates to the field of emergency response. She has been planning ways in which Cowley College students (particularly those in the Psychology program) and the community could interact more frequently and anticipates that her growing interest in the intersection of emergency response and psychology will inspire some interesting opportunities/discussions in the future.

Dr. Klamik is a life-long learner who is curious about life, loves to learn new things, and isn’t afraid to get involved. When she isn’t pursuing her latest interest in emergency response, she is revisiting old interests in educational reform, reaching struggling students, urban education, entrepreneurship, usability/design, mechanics, program development, homesteading, and (from her days as an undergraduate student attending school in Chicago) subcultures (such as the organization/nature of street gangs, cultures as experienced in other countries, diversity in lifestyles, etc). She is an avid reader of mysteries, enjoys outdoor activities (including camping/fishing), and has been experimenting with woodworking (thanks to the help of local woodworkers/wood turners).

She has been an amateur competitive country-western dancer (waltz, two-step, triple-step, nightclub two-step) and a competitive amateur photographer (primarily interested in composed images of objects, technical photography, and abstract images). She continues to enjoy country-western, west-coast swing, and ballroom dancing, as well as photography, in her free time. Recently she has also been returning to activities that she enjoyed in high school, including practicing basketball and learning more about martial arts.

Although Dr. Klamik misses spending time with her brother (and his wife and daughter) in the Seattle area, her cousins in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and her parents in the Chicago area, she is enjoying her time in Arkansas City and appreciates the friendships and opportunities that have been available to her at Cowley College and in Cowley County, in general. She looks forward to continuing to meet area residents, working with aspiring students, and learning more about what life has to offer here in South-Central Kansas.


  • B.A. - Psychology - University of Illinois, Chicago
  • M.A. - Psychology - Wichita State University
  • Ph.D. - Psychology - Wichita State University


  • American Psychological Association, Psi Chi
  • International Honors Society in Psychology


  • 2010/2011-2016 TX Classroom Teacher Certificate: 4-8 Science/4-8 Math (by exam)
  • 2009-2010 Teaching Certification through The New Teacher Project (TNTP): 4-8 Science (in TX)
  • 2006 BP Leadership Award/Grant: PSM Goes Global ($50000)