Academic Information

Prior Learning Credit

College Credit for Life Experiences

If the student has worked in the trade, they can apply for Life Experience credit or complete a competency test for vocational classes and pay the appropriate fees (test fees are $50.00 per test).

Contact the Registrar for additional information. Cowley College will evaluate portfolios that document meaningful life experiences and award credit for appropriate achievement. This documentation should include but not limited to certificates of training, syllabi, and other documentation describing the type and scope of training or experience.

Some colleges and universities will not accept credit for life experience granted at a community college. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university may have to reapply for credit for life experiences at the four-year institution.

College Level Examination Program

The College Level Examination Program is designed to enable those who have achieved college level education outside the classroom through independent study, correspondence, television instruction, past experience, or other traditional or nontraditional means, to demonstrate their level of achievement and use the test results to earn college credit.

The program offers two types of examinations:

  • General and Subject

Cowley College accepts examination in only two general examination areas:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences/History

Subject examinations measure achievement in specific college courses. Please click here for the current list to ascertain the current subject examination accepted by Cowley College.

Not all available subject examinations are accepted by Cowley College. Transcripts of the CLEP examinations must be sent to Cowley College directly from College Board to be considered for granting credit.

Individuals scoring at the 50th percentile or higher on the appropriate examinations may be awarded up to fifteen (15) credit hours in the general and subject areas, depending upon the type of examination completed.

Students must complete twelve (12) credit hours at Cowley College before CLEP scores will be placed on their transcript.