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Characteristics of an Auditory Learner

  • Learns best when information is presented in an auditory, oral language format
  • In a classroom, benefits from listening to lectures and participating in group discussions
  • Retains information well by hearing it from an audio tape
  • When trying to remember something, can often "hear" the way someone told the information, or the way the learner previously repeated it out loud
  • Learns best when interacting with others in a listening/speaking exchange
  • May become bored easily during silent filmstrips or when problems are to be done silently in class
  • Tends to listen to movies instead of actually watching them
  • Often has poor handwriting
  • Usually does not like to draw or sketch
  • Often does not copy notes from a chalkboard accurately
  • Often reverses or omits letters when writing them
  • May rub eyes frequently or say that they are sore
  • Often holds the material close to face when reading
  • Looks like the learner’s head is on the table when writing
  • May have trouble spelling in written work, but can spell well verbally
  • May have trouble remembering what was read if it was not vocalized
  • Often confuses words that look similar in written texts
  • Usually likes classes with active group discussions and remembers the material well
  • Usually is very talkative
  • May make consistent errors in math (inattention to signs, reverses numbers, etc.)
  • Often talks to self or mumbles when doing assignments in class
  • Often points at what is being read
  • Class work and tests do not seem to show student's potential