Academic Support

Study Skills

Study Tips for Success at College

  • Learn how to relax before tests are taken.
  • Use a good math note-taking system.
  • Spend as much time on math homework as needed.
  • Complete your most difficult homework assignments first. Usually, this means math homework.
  • Read ahead in the math textbook and prepare questions for the instructor.
  • For each chapter, prepare your own list of math vocabulary words.
  • Find a study buddy and set up group study times.
  • Develop practice tests and time yourself while taking them.
  • Read ahead in your textbook and make an informal outline.
  • For practice, do all the example problems in the text.
  • While doing homework, write down questions for the instructor/tutor.
  • Be aware of time allotted while taking a math test.
  • Make sure you attend every math class.
  • Schedule a study period after your math class.
  • For difficult topics, review the video tapes before going to class.
  • Verbalize (silently) problems the instructor writes on the board. Solve the problem or silently verbalize each solution step.
  • Meet instructors before actually signing up for the class. Compare your learning style to their instructional style.
  • Make note cards to remind yourself how to solve various types of math problems.
  • Get help early in the semester before you get too lost in course.
  • For understanding, recite back the materials you have read in the math textbook.
  • Take notes on how to solve difficult problems.
  • Copy all information that is written on the board.
  • Do math homework every day.
  • If you miss a class, ask your instructors for permission to attend the same course that is taught at a different time or day. Remember: You are held responsible for material covered in classes that you have missed.