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Tutoring is provided for each participant on a need basis. If you are making A’s and B’s in all of your classes, you are exempt from tutoring. If any one of your core classes falls below those grades, you are required to attend a tutoring session for 1 hour once a week until the grade(s) rises to the A or B level.

Academic & Career Counseling

Throughout the year we offer workshops and individual session on choosing the right career. We also offer advising on classes that will coincide with your career choice. This is to ensure that you are on the right track to your four-year degree.

College Admission & Financial Aid

Twice a year we work with the financial aid process and college admission requirements. This involves the area of the Pell Grant, scholarships, loans, applications, and other requirements for entering college.


Upward Bound offers workshops on preparing and taking the ACT/SAT. We talk about how to study for the test, what to look for in the test questions, and some helpful hints on getting yourself ready to take the test.

Saturday Academy

During the Academic year, we meet two Saturdays a month. During these sessions we offer a wide variety of educational, cultural, and social development seminars. We offer both on-campus and off-campus opportunities for these events. Transportation is provided.

Summer Excellence Camp

Each summer we offer a six-week excellence camp where the students live in the dorms and are involved in classes such as: Math, English, Science, Diversity, World Culture or Foreign Language. The Juniors and Seniors are involved in work study position on the College campus and the Freshman and Sophomores are involved in a Career Exploration track in the afternoons. On the last week of camp, we take a cultural trip to various places of interest in the Mid-West United States.


Stipends - During the school year, participants can earn up to $40 per month just by showing up to Saturday Academies and tutoring. If the student is not in need of tutoring, they receive the credit for that time.

During all of our activities, admission fees, food, transportation and any other funds needed for the activity are provided by Upward Bound. Therefore there is no cost to the students or their parents.

Contact Info

Cowley College Upward Bound
125 S. 2nd St.
Arkansas City, KS 67005

Phone: (800) 593-2222, ext. 5386
Email: Liz Shepard or Mica Runnels