Student Ambassadors

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Student Ambassadors is an on-campus organization that promotes responsibility, develops professional skills, and works to establish leadership qualities in students. These students give campus tours and are the “first face” of Cowley to prospective students. They work closely with Admissions and assist with events on campus throughout the year. This group is hand selected and only upcoming sophomores are eligible.

Cowley Ambassadors are dedicated to helping future students. They conduct campus tours and participate in campus events. Cowley College Ambassadors are a group of students chosen each year based on grades, leadership, and citizenship. These students work in the admissions office and help promote Cowley College in various activities.

  • Dylan Bishop

    Dylan Bishop

  • Lakota Daily

    Lakota Daily

  • Jean-De Dixon

    Jean-De Dixon

  • Lillie Dodge

    Lillie Dodge

  • Kori Ford

    Kori Ford

  • Kathrynne Giger

    Kathrynne Giger

  • Chloe Lawver

    Chloe Lawver

  • Kayla McClellan

    Kayla McClellan

  • Libertie Mills

    Libertie Mills

  • Camila Neyra

    Camila Neyra

  • Kinzie Pappan

    Kinzie Pappan

  • Jay Reep

    Jay Reep

  • Sarah Robinson

    Sarah Robinson

  • Emily Smith

    Emily Smith

  • Mafer Sosa

    Mafer Sosa

  • Maycee Wolfenbarger

    Maycee Wolfenbarger