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Vision Statement

Cowley College will emphasize continuous quality improvement in all aspects through innovative, dynamic strategic plans for academics, student success, facilities, financial, communication, and technology. With courage and a sound vision to guide our future, Cowley College will continuously strive to meet the most important goal of the College, student success. The Student Success Strategic Plan includes: Engage exceptional students through extraordinary and innovative learning opportunities Assist struggling students through supplemental seminars and by condensing the sequence to gateway English and math courses. Invest in new programs and activities to enhance enrollment, encourage retention, and improve graduation rates. Monitor progress of sustainable programs through measurable results.

Comprehensive Process Measures Documents

The latest version of Cowley's comprehensive process measures documents can be reviewed here:

Global Learning Outcomes Assessment Grid

Global Learning Outcomes (GLO) represent the broad outcomes desired of Cowley graduates. These outcomes state the expected knowledge, skills, attitudes, competencies and habits of mind that  students are expected to acquire during the acquisition of an associates degree.