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Inclement Weather Policy

The college has developed a plan, communicated to employees and students through the web site, e-mail, the student newspaper, bulletin boards, and various other means of communication, that clearly defines what steps will be taken in the event of inclement weather.

  1. A decision to cancel classes will be made by 6 a.m. the day of classes, and a message confirming
    that decision will be put on the main switchboard and the college’s home page on the web site by 6 a.m. Employees may call (800) 593-2222, or the Arkansas City campus local number (620) 442-0430 or view it via the News Peek page on web site. Contact information for all campus/centers can be listed here.

  2. When the college cancels classes at a specific location, that site’s offices will be closed and
    employees will not be required to come to work. Remember, the closing of one site does not
    necessarily mean that other sites are closed.

  3. If high schools in which the college offers classes are closed, no college classes will be
    held there for that day.

  4. There may be times when inclement weather occurs in the middle of the day. If this happens,
    an attempt will be made to cancel classes two hours in advance. So 4 p.m. classes are expected
    to be canceled by 2 p.m., and 7 p.m. classes are expected to be canceled by 5 p.m. If 7-10 p.m.
    classes are canceled, do not assume that classes the next day are canceled. Check the telephone
    message, home page or radio and television stations.

  5. Student and employee safety is important. Please use sound judgment in the event the college
    is open, but weather prohibits you from safely making it to class or work.

  6. Besides the message on the main switchboard and home page, the college will utilize local and area radio and television stations to communicate cancellations. Click here to see a listing of radio and TV stations.

Approved by Administrative Council 11-14-2000