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Emergency Medical Services

Criminal Background Checks for EMS and Allied Health Students

Allied health students at Cowley College are occasionally required to complete a hospital or other field clinical component during their education and training. EVERY allied health and EMS student who completes hospital or field clinical training must complete a one-time background check.

MICT students will be charged $85 for a criminal background check and urinalysis. When the class starts, each will receive information about how to complete the background check. Failure to allow the check will result in dismissal because it is a mandatory requirement.

Failure to pass a criminal background check will prevent individual students, faculty or staff from being able to enter or supervise clinical or field education and training. A current student who is found to have a significant criminal background screen will be required to withdraw from their present program. A faculty member or staff employee with a significant criminal background screen will not be allowed to enter a clinical or field facility and must then withdraw from their present position at the college.

The Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services does not have a list of felony offenses that denote barrier offenses to certification. Each applicant who is a convicted felon is reviewed on an individual basis and a judgment is made by the Board.

For this policy, the prohibited offenses of employment as a Kansas certified nurse aide shall be utilized. The Via Christi and Wesley organizations prefer a criminal record check that extends seven years in the past. As such, all reckoning periods for prohibited offenses that are listed on the KDADS site as prohibited for 5 years shall be increased to seven (7) years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Department Chair of Allied Health Education.