Health & Human Services

Emergency Medical Services

First Responder

(EMS 5660 - 5 credit hours)


Class Description
The purpose of the First Responder (FR) course is to provide students with an academic and working knowledge to become state certified and to provide basic life support patient care. It provides the basic concepts of emergency care which are needed to function as a first responder to emergency situations. Many law enforcement and fire departments require this training, as well as many private industrial organizations.

Location of Class
This class is taught at the Winfield campus. Special arrangements can be made where the instructors teach at various organizations such as fire departments, emergency medical services, nursing homes or hospitals. image

This class is provided whenever the need arises. Flexible scheduling is also available in certain situations.

Additional Expenses

  • Required Books: $100.00
  • Liability Insurance: Required by the clinical and field internship sites. This provides you with malpractice insurance coverage while performing required hospital and ambulance clinicals. $25.00
  • Uniforms for Clinical and Field Rotations: Cost will vary
  • Travel and Transportation: Hospital clinical training and field internship is completed at a variety of sites. Because of this, students must have adequate transportation and should be aware of the costs involved in this travel. Cost will vary
  • Stethoscope (optional): $15-$180
  • Meals Away from Home during Hospital or Field Training: Cost will vary
  • Kansas Board of EMS and National Registry Examination Fee: This fee covers the Kansas and National Registry examination cost. $115.00
image All costs are estimated and subject to change without prior notice.

Entrance into Class
Open enrollment.

Healthcare Education Statement
The dominant accrediting body for healthcare organizations, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), mandated criminal record checks be performed on persons having any opportunity for patient interaction at its accredited hospitals. This includes volunteers, faculty and EMS students. A criminal record check that reveals certain crimes could result in a situation where the EMS student cannot participate in clinical rotations at a healthcare facility. As such, this student could not successfully complete the class.


At the present time, this policy will not affect First Responder students at Cowley. Our First Responder students participate in clinicals only at non-JCAHO accredited hospitals.


For more information on background checks, click here.

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