Health & Human Services

Emergency Medical Services

EMS/FD Independent Study and On-The-Job Training


The purpose is to provide an avenue for students to gain an increased understanding of a particular subject area or to gain on-the-job experience and training.


Class Descriptions
Cooperative Education I
On-the-job employment training formally integrating academic study with practical experience relating directly with the student's chosen field of career interest. Students must apply for Cooperative Education and are selected for the program. Most work stations are provided. A minimum of 225 hours of on-the-job training is required per semester. (2 credit hours)

Cooperative Education II
On-the-job employment training combining further work experience and classroom study. As in Cooperative Education Work Experience I, most work stations are provided. A student can be enrolled in Co-op I and II at the same time. If a student completes one work experience and desires another, new objectives must be formulated. A minimum of 225 hours of on-the-job training is required per semester. (2 credit hours)


Cooperative Education III
A student can be enrolled in Co-op II at the same time as Co-op III depending on the number of hours he or she is working per semester. A minimum of 225 hours of on-the-job training is required per semester. If approved by the designated college representative, a student may remain at the same work station or change. (2 credit hours)

Directed Independent Study
Independent Study for credit, outside the regular curriculum, may be taken through special arrangement for individualized instruction in the student's special area of concern. Will be used by all vocational students. (1-3 credit hours)

Location of Class
These classes can be taught at any of the Cowley centers. Special arrangements must be made with the Allied Health Department Chair.

Availability of the on-the-job training relates to the procurement of an appropriate work site. Options for independent study can be discussed with the Allied Health Department Chair, who will custom design your learning objectives.

Entrance into Class
Contact the Allied Health Department Chair for details.

image Healthcare Education Statement
The dominant accrediting body for healthcare organizations, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), mandated criminal record checks be performed on persons having any opportunity for patient interaction at its accredited hospitals. This includes volunteers, faculty and EMS students. A criminal record check that reveals certain crimes could result in a situation where the EMS student cannot participate in clinical rotations at a healthcare facility. As such, this student could not successfully complete the class. At the present time, this policy will not affect students who take this class because they do not participate in clinicals at a hospital. For more information on background checks, click here.

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