Health & Human Services

Emergency Medical Services

Certified MICTs

Certified MICTs have fulfilled prescribed requirements by a credentialing agency to practice the art and science of out-of-hospital medicine in conjunction with medical direction. Through performance of assessments and providing medical care, their goal is to prevent and reduce mortality and morbidity due to illness and injury. MICTs primarily provide care to emergency patients in an out-of-hospital setting.

MICTs possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes consistent with the expectations of the public and the profession. MICTs recognize that they are an essential component of the continuum of care and serve as linkages among health resources.

MICTs strive to maintain high quality, reasonable cost health care by delivering patients directly to appropriate facilities. As an advocate for patients, MICTs seek to be proactive in affecting long term health care by working in conjunction with other provider agencies, networks, and organizations. The emerging roles and responsibilities of the MICT include public education, health promotion, and participation in injury and illness prevention programs. As the scope of service continues to expand, the MICT will function as a facilitator of access to care, as well as an initial treatment provider.

MICTs are responsible and accountable to medical direction, the public, and their peers. MICTs recognize the importance of research and actively participate in the design, development, evaluation and publication of research. MICTs seek to take part in life-long professional development, peer evaluation, and assume an active role in professional and community organizations.