Health & Human Services

Emergency Medical Services

NIMS and ICS Information for Enrolled Paramedic (MICT) Students


As you may know, every emergency provider must have National Incident Management System (NIMS) certification. As such, we require that our MICT students complete this online process before entering our program.

This can be completed online and is free. If desired, you can take a normal class provided by a certified instructor. We currently do not offer this training at Cowley. Many emergency services use this online mode of learning and certification for their personnel.

At the present time, IS100 and IS700 are the only required classes you will need to complete. To take the online classes, go to following links:




Follow their instructions when completing the classes. You will need to successfully pass their online examinations.

When you pass, they will mail you a certificate in approximately one to six weeks after successful completion of the course, or you can print a copy from your computer.


Follow the instructions provided in your entrance letter on how to submit these items to your lead instructor.