Health & Human Services

Emergency Medical Services

Basic EMS Tactical Operations


(EMS 5663 - 1 credit hour)


Class Description
The purpose of this introductory class is to provide students with the knowledge and attitudes necessary to perform tactical EMS operations. Students will learn the basic EMS tactics involved in delivering a search warrant, hostage situations, hostile environments and riots. The student will develop competencies in working in high-risk situations and will be able to respond to these emergencies, with an increased knowledge of EMS tactical operations.


Location of Class
This class can be taught at any of the Cowley centers or special arrangements can be made for other locations.



This class is provided whenever the need arises. Flexible scheduling is also available in certain situations.


Entrance into Class
Prerequisite: current EMS certification and/or employment as a public safety officer AND instructor approval. Criminal background checks will be completed on all those who enroll.

Healthcare Education Statement

The dominant accrediting body for healthcare organizations, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), mandated criminal record checks be performed on persons having any opportunity for patient interaction at its accredited hospitals. This includes volunteers, faculty and EMS students. A criminal record check that reveals certain crimes could result in a situation where the EMS student cannot participate in clinical rotations at a healthcare facility. As such, this student could not successfully complete the class.


At the present time, this policy will not affect students who take this class because they do not participate in clinicals at a hospital.


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