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"As an experienced RN, I came to Cowley with great expectations and high standards for learning. It was immediately apparent the instructors were extremely dedicated in assuring my success. The curriculum was intense and fast paced. It provided an extensive knowledge base that reflected the most current and up-to-date standards of EMS practice. CCCC offered a variety of clinical settings whicimageh enhanced the training and development of technical skills. In addition, the location of Cowley affords the student opportunities to choose from several different EMS services when completing his or her internship. Cowley's paramedic program is challenging and equally rewarding. It provides tremendous and invaluable EMS education and training. Upon completion of the program, I felt confident I was more than adequately prepared with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to provide professional, high quality EMS care."
Kelly Werner, 1998 MICT Graduate

"Thanks again for everything, it was a great year!!!"
Craig Isom, 1999 MICT Graduate

"Cowley College is rapidly becoming one of the most respected and well known centers for EMS education in this area. I experienced this excellence in education through outstanding instruction, a detailed and demanding curriculum, and state of the art facilities. I feel the opportunities given me as a Cowley trained MICT are endless."
Brandon Russell, 2000 MICT Graduate

image "Just thought I'd let you know about my boring day at work yesterday. To make a long story short, I flew out a code red trauma with an open fracture, treated an end-stage CHF patient and then delivered a baby. I thought that was a good day and then at 0300 this morning I ran a Code Blue. All in a days work right. You taught me well -- thanks for getting me ready."
Jason Newberry, 2000 MICT Graduate

"Thanks to your program I have successfully gained all the publicity I can handle. Thanks again for all your help (and Cindy's) through the most stressful year of my life. However, I can now feel the real life stress that comes with the responsibilities I now have. Wouldn't change a thing!"
Jerry Preston, 2003 MICT Graduate

"Your MICT program appears to be a quality work! I am impressed with your students. It was a pleasure working with (student's name) these past few months. He was an outstanding example of a well trained MICT."
Lt. Jim Lebaron, MICT, Sedgwick County EMS

image "I've thoroughly enjoyed working individually with the paramedic students who came to the clinic and hospital for two weeks as part of their clinical training. Since paramedics are going to be on the front lines taking care of critically ill patients, they need to be aware of normal anatomy and the many different versions of normal. I was delighted to have them participate in all levels of patient care. It's been a very rewarding process and I was very impressed by what the students already knew, as well as their eagerness to learn. We enjoyed having them here and look forward to the next clinical rotations."
Dr. Jim McDermott, Physician

"(The student) has met and often exceeds some of the above categories. He has been an excellent student with a good base knowledge of pre-hospital care. I would give my recommendation that he be hired by a pre-hospital agency."
Lt. Chris Harris, MICT, Sedgwick County EMS

"The student we hired had very little field experience and was relatively young compared to other employees. However, he has done a great job in field care. Keep up the good work!"
Training Officer Lillian Urban, MICT/RN, Ellis County EMS

image "I have heard nothing but good things about your program. I hope we can work more closely with you in the next few years."
Lt. Curtis Diehl, MICT, Butler County EMS

"I have found CCCC technicians better prepared for field work than graduates from any other program."
Dale Wasson, MICT/RN, Director, Winfield Area EMS



"I have had a couple of students from this program who have both done really well. From my experience, this is a great program."
Lt. Brett Cole, MICT, Butler County EMS

"The knowledge base and skills I have seen from CCCC students is remarkable. Keep up the good work."
Doug Riggs, MICT, Arkansas City Fire Department

image "She did fine on her rides with us. She should do very well as a paramedic and get better with more experience."
Lt. Mark Handzo, MICT, Sedgwick County EMS

"Thanks for sending a good student willing to work hard."
Lt. Dave Capps, MICT, Sedgwick County EMS

"He is an excellent student who is very easy to work with and will make an excellent paramedic."
Cliff Moore, MICT, Arkansas City Fire Department

"We have been very pleased with our recent hires that came from your program. I had become very frustrated with programs over the last several years, but your program seems to be doing very well. I think you have a quality program which you should be proud of."
Lt. Paul Stanley, MICT, Butler County EMS

"Cowley County Community College is a college on the forefront of Emergency Medical Education. With advanced equipment and the latest in information, the instructors at Cowley lead the students down the road of success. It is clear from the first time that when a student enters the advanced classroom and lab areas that the program is a leader in its field. The instructors not only have a dedication to the students imageand employers, but also to the many patients that make the call for help. Working hand-in-hand with physicians and many other leaders in the field of EMS, the student will acquire the knowledge to be a leader in the field. With the education received at Cowley County Community College's MICT program, a graduating student has all of the knowledge and skills necessary to play an important role in today's EMS community. "
Kenny Allman, 2002 MICT Graduate


"I have had opportunity to observe, and to work with some of your former students. You should be proud! While I would expect their knowledge to be good, it is of merit towards you to have them acknowledge both CCC, and your staff and yourself in such a manner. You have developed a strong program of education/training and it is well reflected through your students and their actions. "
Randall Smith, MICT IC, Sedgwick County EMS Training Officer

image "Very positive experience. [The student was a] great representation of the caliber of student produced by Cowley College."
Lt. Dean Crowley, MICT, Sedgwick County EMS

"Thanks Guys!! And thank you for all your help!!! You are all AWESOME!!!!!!!!!"
Samie Byers, 2004 MICT Graduate

"Slade, I just wanted to thank you for everything this past year. It was truly an honor to be a part of your program. I have won many awards as an athlete, but nothing I have accomplished prior to this has made me so proud. I can say with great pride that I was a Cowley student. The reason that statement carries so much weight is because of all the hard work and dedication you and Cindy have put in. It reflects in your work and the students you produce. Those that choose to follow your lead of hard work and discipline rise to meet your higher expectations and should go on to have successful careers. Hopefully we are able to make you proud as we embark on the next step of this journey. Thanks again!"
Travis Morin, 2004 MICT Graduate

image"Just got done with boards. Anyway, boy do I have some stories about Tennessee. Rest assured that Cowley is one of the top programs around. I did not meet any other students from other programs around the country that had anything nice to say about their programs, let alone that were proud to go to the one that they went to. Anyway, I thought that you might like to hear that. Keep up the good work."
Matt Creighton, 2005 MICT Graduate



"Thank you Slade, Cindy, and faculty for everything that you have done for me this year. I am proud to say that I am a Cowley Student. I truly feel that I have the knowledge and experience to go out into the world and succeed in this profession."
Josh Whiteside, 2005 MICT Graduate

"Completing Cowley’s MICT program has given me a sense of pride and confidence I’ve never experienced before. I know I would not have been able to complete a program of this caliber without the support of Slade, Cindy, additional faculty, and my classmates. The entire faculty shows a incredible level of dedication towards the success of the students that it is inspiring. Thanks Slade and Cindy for having faith in me completing the program, even at times when I wasn’t sure I could handle the stress. Thanks to the program I not only have the training, but also the confidence to succeed as a paramedic."
Aaron Sutton, 2005 MICT Graduate

image "The class is challenging and through the challenge you grow. I know that I have grown just from the new challenges and stresses. It prepares you for a career in emergency medicine very well. Slade and Cindy are great, they are always there when you need them and really treat you like family. In fact, when the class is over, all the classmates and instructors feel like family. It is good to have such a wonderful program here in Kansas. Thanks to you all."
Jennifer Love, 2005 MICT Graduate

"The stringent requirements of the Cowley MICT program paved the way for National Registry testing. I took my NR exam out of state and of the over 60 candidates from 11 states the students from Cowley were by far the best prepared for both the practical and written exams. I believe the intensity, the integrity, and the inspiration of the Cowley MICT program has prepared me to enter the paramedic field with confidence and a solid base on which to expand my knowledge."
Bruce Cooper, 2005 MICT Graduate

"I had to email you and tell you about the AWESOME call I got to run the other day! We got called to a wreck (the roads were very icy) and dispatch tells us it is a head on collision with a roll over and 1 person entrapped and 5 patients total. Four of the patients were fine with only image superficial injuries (they were in the suburban) and the entrapped person was in a small Ford Focus. We were able to get into the car with the patient on the passenger side but not able to get her out that side. I evaluated her inside and she complained of dyspnea, chest pain (she had a pneumo and a fractured sternum), an open tib/fib, and a broken hip. When I evaluated her lung sounds, I did not hear anything on the right side -- I got to decompress her chest!!! It was sooooo awesome! I was nervous at first because on the manequins it is easier to find the landmarks and such, but I had the other medic check my landmark and he agreed with me. As soon as I removed the stylet it hissed like air escaping from a tire and she was able to breathe better! I just had to share this with you and tell you THANK YOU so much for everything -- you and Cindy, and the adjuncts have done for me. I definitely would not be here if it wasn't for you all!!!!"
Keena Campbell, 2005 MICT Graduate (one month after graduation)

“I would like to say that this has been an exceptional program. I have been in school for 19 years straight now and I really believe this has been one of the most rewarding yet difficult years thus far. It has definitely been the most educational, academically and personally. I really feel that this program has prepared me well to deal with the difficult yet rewarding career of being a paramedic. I can't wait to get out there and actually practice what we have been preparing for over this year. Aside from the academic portion of class, through this class I have made many friends that I will miss seeing everyday. Thank you to everyone, Slade, Cindy, Chris, classmates, preceptors, and adjuncts alike.”
Kevin Leis, 2006 MICT Graduate

“I would like to say thank you to Slade, Cindy, adjuncts, and preceptors for a great year, even though it has been painful at times. I am glad that I could be part of an exceptional program. I would like to wish all my fellow classmates good luck as we start our careers as paramedics.”
Brian Schmidt, 2006 MICT Graduate


“This has been an interesting year. We put in a lot of time, effort and brain power. With excellent instruction and a dedicated staff, we have been pushed to excel through our leap into the "medic" world. I am excited to represent the Cowley program and feel it has prepared me to be a top notch paramedic. Thanks to all the staff, instructors and Slade for pushing, putting up with us and your overall dedication to our success. I look forward to working with all of you.”
Debrah Shrewsberry, 2006 MICT Graduate

"Chris and Slade, hey there guys! I just wanted to send you an email to say thanks for everything! Being out of school and working as a paramedic is the most exhilarating and wonderful experience that I have ever had, and I owe it all to you guys. Knowing that I got as good an education as possible makes it a little easier to respond to calls for the first time. I'm sure you guys hear this all the time, but we have the coolest jobs in the world. We get to see people at their sometimes worst, and help them through it; whether it be them or the family we are helping. I have never been so proud to tell people my profession as I am now!"
Pam Utter, 2007 MICT Graduate


"I have had the opportunity to help a variety of different people during the course of my clinical rotations.  After experiencing the long and difficult process of the didactic portion of the class I was not completely confident that this was the profession for me.  I now know that I will be able to do this job and help people.  But having made a difference, or at least feeling like I did, has made a difference in my thoughts.  I know now that I can do this job and I feel like I will be good at being a paramedic."
Brian Leuci, 2007 MICT Student

"Slade, I just wanted to let you know the new job is going well. (My partner) has been doing all my training, and well had my first scene flight yesterday. She said it went very well. We had a scene time of 9 minutes, and she was expecting a 20 minute scene time since it was my first scene. The cool part for me was that I got to pick up the patient from Andy Lowe (Cowley MICT graduate) which was a kick. Then we flew to St. Francis were Cindy Branscum was dropping off a patient, So I got to brag to her a bit which was really cool. Thinks again for letting into the MICT program; I've still got my acceptance letter hanging on my fridge. I can't express how much you and Cindy have helped me develop both personally and professionally."
Aaron Sutton, 2005 MICT Graduate, Midwest LifeTeam Flight Medic

"Chris, So as you saw by my post we have some very progressive orders. Just thought you'd be interested in this tidbit...we are measuring lactic acid levels in the field at pt contact and again and ED drop off on our trauma pts in a national study with several other agencies. We are trying to see if the increased levels of lactic acid in venous blood can help predict/indicate early stages of shock. We are also using it (as of today's training) to look at the lactic acid levels in pt's we suspect of sepsis, any level above 2.2 indicates septic shock is "most likely" present and we are staring fluid boluses. Really cool stuff going on down here. I'm about to start the advanced Pharm class in two weeks and advanced EKG interpretation. And thanks again for being "ahead of the curve" and teaching things that aren't necessarily the "norm" in Kansas, because down here, some of that is the "norm" and I feel better having experienced it to a small degree. IE.....Using the bougie (it's required on ALL intubations here)! I see now how much Cowley really has prepared me for the field.....Hope to have some more "fun" stuff for you guys soon."
Chris Nations, 2010 MICT Graduate
Fort Worth, TX, MedStar Paramedic