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2003 MICT Community Service Project

On August 14th, the MICT class provided a first aid and CPR class for Cowley student ambassadors and dorm leaders.


For some time, the EMS faculty had discussed a community service project that would utilize the students in a setting outside patient care to provide some additional benefit to others. When Dean Sue Saia called about the feasibility of this type of class, it seemed like a perfect match.


With very minimal guidance, the MICT students developed lesson plans, group designations and methods to be used during the training session. The ambassadors and dorm leaders came to the class, participated fully and seemed to enjoy and benefit from the experience. All students did a very fine job during the class.


All of the faculty, staff and administration are quite proud of these Cowley students and commend each for their dedication and involvement, and wish them true success in the future.

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