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Summer 2001
Cindy Branscum, Lead MICT Instructor, Slade Griffiths, Program Director

First Edition of Newsletter
We have decided to publish a newsletter every semester to let everyone know about EMS education at Cowley and to also keep in touch with those who are interested in what we accomplish in EMS education.

Exciting Changes in Our EMS Education
Positive things are really happening at Cowley! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Cindy Branscum - Cindy joined the Cowley family as the full time lead MICT instructor. Previously, she taught anatomy and physiology, and EMT classes for us as an adjunct faculty member. She graduated in Cowley's first MICT class and had worked at Sedgwick County EMS prior to accepting this position. She currently also works as a part time MICT at Sedgwick County EMS and Winfield Area EMS.
  • McDermott Wing of Excellence - We have just finished a new component skill training room which is 24 x 50 feet! Additionally, we added another room which is essentially a mock house used for scenario training. Inside this room, students find a bedroom, living room, bar and bathroom. These rooms add greater dimension to our education and training, and ultimately better prepare graduates to function more appropriately in the out-of-hospital setting.
  • New Equipment - We have always had state-of-art equipment at Cowley. We continue to add more equipment whenever needed to meet the demands of the profession and the EMS employers. Our most recent addition this spring was a LifePak 12. Winfield Area EMS has provided us with a fully equipped and stocked ALS ambulance to use with our scenario training.
  • New MICT curriculum - Starting in January, 2002 we will be using the new EMT-P curriculum. We feel that this will be well received by employers, students and the patients we serve.
  • Accreditation - The Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP) is currently conducting accreditation procedures at Cowley. This organization provides accreditation services for paramedic programs. Its primary goal is to foster partnership with educational programs in continuous quality improvement. The secondary goal is to certify that a program meets the standards of quality that are approved by the college. We welcome this process which provides an outside evaluation of our programs.
  • New AAS Degree - We have streamlined our MICT AAS degree program and have made it much more student oriented. There are a few required courses, though the students can essentially design a program which fits their needs.

EMT Classes
We have three EMT classes which are finishing. These were taught by Randall Smith (Mulvane Campus), Dixie Simpson (Oxford) and Cindy Branscum (Cedar Vale). Many of these students are completing the class because of job requirements or as the first step for entry into the MICT program. We plan to offer another evening EMT class in the fall at Mulvane which will be taught by Dixie. In the spring of 2002, we plan to offer a daytime and evening class in Mulvane and perhaps in Winfield if the need arises.

MICT Program
Our program continues to be well received by students, graduates and employers. Besides the addition of Cindy as the lead MICT instructor, we also have excellent adjunct faculty members. In all, our faculty has over 125 years of EMS experience. We are currently receiving applications for our sixth MICT class which starts in January, 2002. If you are considering the program, now is the time to apply to save a spot in the class.

Other Classes at Cowley
We are offering the following classes this summer and fall: ACLS Instructor - August 17th & 24th ACLS Provider - August 24th PHTLS Provider - September 6th & 7th PALS - December 3rd & 4th We plan to offer several more ACLS courses this fall in the Wichita area. Numerous EMS recertification classes will also be offered in the fall. We are also available to provide specialized continuing education or initial certification classes when needed. Just give us a call if you need any form of EMS or health related education and training.

EMS Advisory Committee
We have an outstanding group of folks who guide our EMS education here at Cowley. We appreciate all they do for the college and EMS education. The members are:
Roy Danks, DO - Surgical Resident and Associate Medical Advisor
Danny Huckvale - Assistant Hospital Administrator
Steve Irwin - Healthcare Credentialing Coordinator
Vera Krueger, RN - Nursing Administration
Dale Long, MICT - Director of EMS
Jim McDermott, DO - Physician
Jennifer Passiglia - Attorney
Chandy Samuel, MD - Surgeon and Medical Advisor
Mark Thomas, MICT - Cowley MICT Graduate
Joan Warren, EdD - Associate Professor at OSU
Dale Wasson, MICT/RN - EMS Training Officer- Administrator
Don White, MICT/RN - Board of EMS ALS Coordinator
Rishelle Wilson, EMT - Student Representative for 2001

We're Here to Help
Let us know how we can better serve your educational needs.