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2011 - 2012
Cindy Branscum, Lead MICT Instructor, Deryk Ruddle, MICT Instructor, Malachi Winters, MICT Instructor, Loretta Heft, Lead Medical Office Instructor, Stefani Jones, Coordinator  of Support Services, Bruce Irwin, AIT Coordinator, Bruce Irwin, AIT Coordinator, Janet Bogle, Nursing Coordinator, Jeff Fluty, Athletic Trainer, Chris Cannon, Department Chair

Allied Health Department Overview

With two Paramedic cohorts, a myriad of online and on-ground classes, and more nursing students than ever before,  2010 has been an excellent year for the allied health department.  Having experienced enrollment growth of 40% over the last two years and with state-of-the-art training equipment and educational practices, the department continues to be a flagship for the college.

2classpic.gifProgram improvements continue to be made in all areas of the Allied Health department. The medical coding program recently completed the curriculum alignment process with the Kansas Board of Regents, and the paramedic and medical transcription programs will begin the alignment process in the near future. We are dedicated to providing the most relevant, up-to-date, and highest quality education available, and these updates allow us to provide our students with an excellent educational experience. Many of these updates are driven by advisory committee recommendations and from information received from our communities of interest. Please contact us if you would like to see a new course or a change made to an existing course.

One of the strengths of the department is ou partnerships with Barton, Butler, and Pratt Community Colleges that continue to allow us to offer much needed educational programs at convenient locations. Through our Butler partnership we offer an paramedic class at Andover that helps meet the needs of students in the Wichita metro area. Utilizing our Barton and Pratt partnerships, we’re able to offer nursing and MLT programs in our service area, both of which are in high demand by students and employers. We also have several articulation partnerships with 4-year universities that allow our students to seamlessly continue their education to the baccalaureate level (and beyond). We are working on several more partnerships for the 2010-2011 academic year that will offer even more opportunities for our students and communities.

There are 24 paramedic students currently enrolled in the two Cowley paramedic program cohorts. These students represent the 16th and 17th paramedic cohorts taught at Cowley. We take great pride in our nationally accredited paramedic program, and we are continually working to improve the program to make it more student-friendly and to improve outcomes and success rates.  Our paramedic graduates treat over 85,000 patients every year in both the prehospital and in-hospital settings.

The Cowley EMS Advisory Committee met on April 16th at the Winfield campus. At this regular meeting, the members of the committee heard updates on the program, and discussed the future plans for the EMS division. Thank you to all of the committee members who donate their time and expertise to help make our program successful.

There are currently two EMT-Basic programs in session, one each at our Winfield and Mulvane campuses. Chet Ranzau and Dee Little are the lead instructors for these courses, and they continue to produce excellent EMT-B graduates. We are currently recruiting and training more EMS instructors to expand our EMT-B course offerings. To that end, we will offer a hybrid EMT-Basic course in June and July this summer. This course will feature both on-ground and online assignments, in addition to the normal EMS internship time.


Seven graduate from PARAMEDIC program
MICT graduationGraduation for seven students in Cowley College’s Mobile Intensive Care Technician (Paramedic) program was held January 24, 2011 in the Earle N. Wright Community Room at the main campus in Arkansas City.  The program that finished on December 9, 2010 completed the AAS degree requirements for these graduates. 

The following are the graduating members of the class: Jolene Davis, Derby; Aaron Dixon, Wichita; Lucas Martin, Caney; Kaitlin McConnell, South Haven; Chris Nations, Wichita; Alexandra Prilliman, Winfield; and William Waddell, Derby.

The evening began with Chris Cannon, Allied Health Department Chair, issuing the welcome and discussing the education the graduates received while in Cowley’s program.  Cannon thanked the graduates for their extensive work during the program, and thanked the graduates’ families for supporting them during a difficult year.

Brandon Russell, Butler County EMS Deputy Director and Chair of the Cowley College Paramedic Advisory Committee, delivered the keynote address to the graduating class. Russell stressed that being a good Paramedic and providing excellent patient care is not enough to improve EMS as a career.

“The need to be actively involved at the regional, state and national levels by serving on committees and being members of professional organizations is just as important as providing quality patient care” Russell said. 

Malachi Winters, Paramedic Instructor, conferred the certificates and presented the honor awards for the class. William Waddell was the program honor graduate, Chris Nations was the Lyle Echart award winner and Kaitlin McConnell was the Patrick J. McAtee award recipient. A certificate of appreciation was also presented to Stefani Jones, Coordinator of Allied Health Support Services, for her outstanding work and dedication to the EMS program. Dr. Patrick J. McAtee, president of Cowley College, then presented the class of 2010 to the gathering of about 100 people who came to honor the graduates. 

During the course of their schooling, the graduates assessed over 4,000 patients and administered over 2,000 medications during the year. With this 16th graduating class, Cowley paramedic graduates now treat approximately 80,000 patients each year.

The national job outlook continues to be greater than average, and the local job outlook looks promising. All graduates passed their written certification examination on the first attempt, and are Kansas certified paramedic.

Cowley currently has two paramedic programs in progress – one in Winfield at the Allied Health Education Center and another in partnership at Butler Community College at the Andover campus.

Fifteen graduate from Cowley College Paramedic Program
Graduation for 15 students in Cowley College’s Mobile Intensive Care Technician (Paramedic) program was held March 31, 2011 in the Earle N. Wright Community Room at the main campus in Arkansas City.  The program that finished on February 25 completed the AAS degree requirements for these graduates. 

The following are the graduating members of the class: Lanna Allen, Wichita; Ellen Bayhyll/e, Andover; Jason Bowker, Mulvane; Collin Engraf, El Dorado; John Erie, Chanute; Brian Foltz, Andover; Katherine Glenn, Derby; Brandon Grimmett, Wichita; Jonathon Halley, Rose Hill; Kaitlyn Heitman, Belle Plaine; Scott Higgins, Oswego; Michael Lynch, Wichita; Malarie Umscheid, Wichita; Drew Vogt, Udall; and Nichlous Whitehead, Derby.

The evening began when Chris Cannon, Allied Health Department Chair, issued the welcome and discussed the education the graduates received while in Cowley’s program.  Cannon thanked the graduates for their extensive work during the program, and thanked the graduates’ families for supporting them during a difficult year.

Mark Terry, Deputy Chief of Operations for Johnson County Med-Act, delivered the keynote address to the graduating class. Terry emphasized the need for students to not only be competent clinicians, but to also value patient safety and compassionate care.

Deryk Ruddle, lead paramedic instructor, conferred the certificates and presented the honor awards for the class.  Drew Vogt was the program honor graduate, Kaitlyn Heitman was the Lyle Eckhart award winner and Ellen Bayhylle was the Patrick J. McAtee award recipient.

Cannon presented a certificate of appreciation to Ruddle for his outstanding work and dedication to the EMS program. Dr. McAtee, president of Cowley College, then presented the class of 2009-2011 to the gathering of about 120 people who came to honor the graduates. 

During the course of their schooling, these graduates assessed over 4,000 patients and administered over 2,500 medications during the year.  With this 17th graduating class, Cowley paramedic graduates now treat approximately 90,000 patients each year.

The national job outlook continues to be greater than average, and the local job outlook looks promising. 
Cowley currently has two paramedic programs– one in Winfield at the Allied Health Education Center and another in Andover through a partnership with Butler Community College.

Cowley Paramedic Student Honored
Chris Nations, a student in the 2010 Winfield paramedic class, was recently honored for his dedication to the Sedgwick County EMS Reserves. Chris received the Silver Presidential Volunteer Service Award and was named the Sedgwick County EMS Reserves 2009 Technician of the Year. Congratulations, Chris!

Summer EMT success
Summer EMT 2010Cowley College summer EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)-Basic students Amanda Vandyke, Britt Hazen, Cody Doane, and Jacob Perryman practice their spinal immobilization and fracture management skills on fellow student Brant Calvin. The summer EMT class ran from June 1 to July 31, and was
comprised of classroom, skills lab, online, and field internship sessions.

This accelerated class is truly remarkable as it is only half the length (2 months versus 4 months) of a regular EMT class and it boasts a 93% retention rate. Students in this class will challenge the Kansas EMT certification exam in early August.

The class was taught by Chris Cannon, Allied Health Department Chair and Director of EMS Education.

“The students are doing exceptionally well. I have been very impressed with their motivation to learn and succeed,” Cannon said.

The purpose of the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) course is to provide students with an academic and working knowledge to become state certified and to provide basic life support patient care. It provides the basic concepts of emergency care which are needed to function as an EMT-B. This class will be helpful for other healthcare fields and is a prerequisite for the Mobile Intensive Care Technician (Paramedic) course.

The class will be held at Cowley College’s Mulvane and Winfield Centers at the start of the fall academic semester.

Pediatric SymposiumPediatric Symposium
Cowley helps Pediatric Symposium reach individuals throughout the state.
Thanks to the knowledge of some hard working Cowley College employees, the Pediatrics Symposium held March 3 and 4, 2011 in the college’s Earle N. Wright Community Room, was filmed and sent out as a video teleconference feed to 38 sites around the state of Kansas.

The symposium, which was sponsored by the KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) and the EMSC (Emergency Medical Services for Children), brought in national and regional speakers to conduct four, four-hour blocks of information. There were speakers from Kansas, New Jersey, and Iowa.

“It is always great when you can get the best, up to date information, and improve child care,” Cowley College Director of EMS/Allied Health Department Chair, Chris Cannon said.

More than 20 individuals attended the sessions on Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City, while the video teleconference was able to reach between 300-500 individuals at hospitals, schools, and libraries across the state.

After conducting three separate pediatric symposiums to over 300 people last year, Sarah House, EMSC program manager, was glad Cowley could help them reach the same number of individuals through a two-day symposium, housed at one location.

“We wanted to deliver high quality pediatric specific information to as many providers around the state as possible,” House said. “Things went really well and the feedback we have gotten across the state has been very positive. The staff here at Cowley has been exceptional and we look forward to being back at Cowley in 2012 as well.”

Bryan McChesney, ITV coordinator/technology specialist at Cowley College, as well as Adam Borth, director of communications/sponsor of the Media Club, helped things run smoothly with the video teleconference.

Clay Cox, program development manager at Life Team, was impressed by the work done by McChesney and Borth.

“Nobody in the state of Kansas has been able to accomplish what we have done over the last two days in being able to send the feed out to that many sites.”

June 2012 will mark the second offering of the CCEMTP program at Cowley. ccemtplogoThere are currently over 40 students registered for this course, including students from the local area and from as far away as New Jersey, Washington, and Alaska. Cowley has partnered with UMBC, Midwest Lifeteam, Wesley Medical Center, and Wichita State University to bring this one of a kind educational experience to you. Course cost is $1,000 plus books, and the Cowley dorms and cafeteria will be available for use at a very reasonable rate during the program. Paul Misasi, Cowley College CCEMTPsm  Coordinator, has been instrumental in setting up this program.

Cowley the site of Kansas’s first ever The Difficult Airway course
Difficult Airway courseProviding an intensive two-day, national level course designed for Paramedics, critical care transport nurses and other advanced EMS providers, Cowley College is hosting Kansas’s first-ever The Difficult Airway course, June 13 and 14, 2011 in Arkansas City.

The course is designed to help individuals learn the important airway algorithms and mnemonics. Individuals in the course will also use all of the proven airway devices in small group sessions, while practicing decision making and airway techniques in Code Airway Stations.

Participants will then face challenging patient scenarios such as elevated ICP, pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock, status asthmaticus, foreign body in the airway, direct airway trauma, and multiple trauma with shock.

The didactic and hands-on training will cover RSI (Rapid Sequence Intubation), prediction of the difficult airway, difficult airway evaluation using video laryngoscopes designed for EMS, and surgical airway techniques. The group used robotic mannequins to mimic airway problems.

The instructors, consisting of Paramedics and physicians, were flown in from Oregon and Utah to conduct the 16-hour course. Jeff Birrer, The Difficult Airway course director and Paramedic in Portland, Oregon, has been leading the course for the past three years.

“The biggest benefit is the student and community will gain new knowledge and the best clinical practices of placing breathing tubes in a difficult airway,” Birrer said. “We are using the best, proven technology available.”

Along with 13 Cowley College instructors, individuals from the Arkansas City Fire Department, Winfield EMS, Sedgwick County EMS, and Butler County EMS also took part in the course. A total of 35 individuals enrolled for the course, which has plans to be offered at the college every other summer.

“This has been a very engaged, highly motivated group of professionals to work with,” Birrer said. “I have taught this course to the entire Western United States and I can say this has been one of the best classes in terms of educated, motivated people.”

Chris Cannon, Cowley College’s Director of EMS Education, helped bring the course to Arkansas City and also served as a student in the two-day event.

“We wanted to have people in the area get the most up to date training and what better way than to have the experts here,” Cannon said. “The faculty is top notch and it is a real benefit to have it here for the EMS providers in this area.”


Medical Careers DayMedical Careers Day
Students interested in a medical career had an opportunity to take part in Medical Careers Day held October 13, 2011 at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City. A record turnout of 75 students took part in the event, which is now in its fourth year of existence.

Participants consisted of area high school students as well as students from Pioneer Technology Center in Ponca City, OK.

Lory West, director of admissions and one of the organizers of the event, was happy with the turnout.

“It is exciting see the interest of high school students in the health care field,” West said.

Deryk Ruddle, Allied Health Department Lead Paramedic instructor, discussed the programs and degrees offered at Cowley College. While, Natural Science Department Chair, Michelle Schoon, shared information about the college’s pre-professional programs.

There were Career Fair booths displaying information about specific programs for the students to view, as well as transfer information regarding four-year institutions.

Students also had an opportunity to visit with representatives from South Central Regional Medical Center, William Newton Memorial Hospital, Ark City Fire-EMS Department, Ark City Emergency Medical Services, Winfield Emergency Medical Services, Eagle Med, Hospice of Kansas, Pratt/Cowley LPN-RN, Workforce, and Charlee Wilson (transfer information).

“We received great support from community organizations, which showcased what they had to offer,” West said. “It took a lot of people to come together and make the event a success.”

Students from the 2011, 12-month Cowley Paramedic program, were also on hand to answer any questions and assist with the day’s events.

From medical office support to pre-professional medical programs, Cowley College offers a range of degrees and programs, including:

Allied Health programs: Paramedic, EMS-Education, EMT-Basic, EMS-Leadership, CCEMTP, Medical Office, Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, CAN/CMA, RN/LPN, Long Term Adult Care, Phlebotomy, Health Services Management and Community Development, Pre-Nursing, Medical Lab Technician, Pre-Athletic Training and Leadership.

Pre-Professional programs: Chiropractic, Dentistry, Dietetics, Forensics, Medicine, Mortuary Science, Nursing/Dental Hygiene, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Veterinary Medicine.

Leadership Program
We offer online leadership courses starting every 8 weeks. Students may complete the entire leadership program online. Emphasis areas in EMS and Business leadership are available, and several articulation agreements with universities allow you to continue your education to the baccalaureate level or beyond.

Medical Office Division News
The Medical Office Division of Allied Health encompasses the Medical Coding, Medical Transcription, and Medical Front Office Professional programs. Our goal is to produce highly qualified, experienced students from this program that will benefit the facilities where they will eventually provide patient care. To this end, we are currently reviewing and updating the curriculum for several of our courses and look forward to offering even better classes in the future.

CNA and Related Education
Janet Bogle and Lindsey King were the instructors for the first ever Cowley hybrid CNA class that finished in April. This course was offered in conjunction with a KAN-GO grant that allowed students pursuing their CNA and GED to receive extra funding assistance. The students performed very well, and most are already certified and working in the field.  

Athletic Trainer Program
The athletic training program continues to do well at the Cowley main campus. All students, along with both instructors/trainers, have been very busy with classes and with taking care of our student athletes this year. 

Nursing Home Administrator (AIT) Program
The health care industry is currently experiencing a nationwide shortage of qualified health care workers, including administrators of long term care facilities. Cowley College offers the Administrator in Training Program (AIT), designed to accommodate the flexibility students need today. Students can start the program whenever they desire and have two years to complete the required 680 clock hour practicum required by Cowley at a KDHE approved long term health care facility in Kansas. Students are also required to complete two online leadership classes (three credit hours each for a total of six hours) of their choice offered by Cowley College. Following the tenets of adult education, students pick the most appropriate classes for their individual needs.

Pratt Community College RN Program at Winfield Allied Health Center
Pratt Community College recently started both first and second year nursing classes at the Winfield Allied Health Center.
The first cohort of students began the Pratt PARAMEDIC to RN bridge program in August, 2009. This program has both online and clinical learning components.