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Leadership Degree Program

Leadership is an integral component of the dynamic functioning of any organization. An intimate understanding of leadership is integral to the success of both individuals and organizations. An organization with great leadership will be more effective, more cost efficient and have better employee morale at all levels, all of which are important components of any successful organization.

Program Overview

The associate of general studies degree program in Leadership from Cowley College is designed to provide a conceptual framework for individuals to facilitate the implementation of successful leadership practices in organizations. Topics such as leadership styles, strategic leadership, leading change, organizational leadership and financial management provide a better understanding of the necessary components that form a successful organization, and how individuals at all levels of the organization can be responsible for positive organizational change. One does not need to be a leader in title to affect powerful personal and organizational payoffs.

Although we suggest that students complete the AGS degree in Leadership, some may wish to take only selected classes to further their education. To better serve the busy professionals that are the target audience of this program, the delivery format of the leadership program has been enhanced to allow participants to obtain all of the program elective requirements online. The course scheduling has also been changed from the traditional 16 week long semester to offering two 8 week courses per semester.

Courses Offered


Introduction to Leadership


Organizational Leadership


Human Relations in Organizations


Financial Management


Educational Practice and Theory for the Leader


Management Information Systems


Leadership Mentoring


Strategic Leadership


Leading Change


The Leadership Challenge


Leading without Power

LED1461 Teams and Leadership
LED1462 Diversity Issues in Leadership

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