Health & Human Services

Allied Health

Health Insurance and Billing Processes

(ALH 5243 -3 credit hours)


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This course provides an in-depth investigation of the various types of health insurance and processes utilized by practitioners to bill for health services.  Students will be introduced to medical coding procedures but this course does not focus on that process.  This is not open to those who have completed ALH 5242 Medical Coding III.


Location of Class
This class will primarily be taught in the online format with some offerings at one or more of the many Cowley locations. Instructors will have both an academic and clinical knowledge of pharmacology.


Online Learning
Many think, simply because a class is offered online, that it will be easier and will not require much work. This thought is somewhat inaccurate and we want all to know about the online learning environment. This challenging class will have reading assignments from a standard textbook. Students are then expected to enter the online class environment (at least five times each week) to actively participate in instructor-guided discussion, complete homework, quizzes, short papers, and examinations. This format provides an opportunity for discussion, instructor clarification of the reading (as needed) and a Socratic dialogue between all in the course.

There is no requirement for students to meet at the college if it is taught online.

The platform used by Cowley College for online classes is Blackboard. It is strongly advised that you complete the orientation for the class and become very familiar with Blackboard before the class formally begins.

If you are a dedicated and self-motivated student, this online format could be for you. If you tend to procrastinate, you may want to rethink taking this online class. This is not an easy course -- expect to spend 10-15 hours each week learning insurance and billing processes.


This class will be offered at least once a semester.


Entrance into Class
There are no prerequisites for this course.


Healthcare Education Statement
The dominant accrediting body for healthcare organizations, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), mandated criminal record checks be performed on persons having any opportunity for patient interaction at its accredited hospitals. This includes volunteers, faculty and EMS students. A criminal record check that reveals certain crimes could result in a situation where the EMS student cannot participate in clinical rotations at a healthcare facility. As such, this student could not successfully complete the class.


At the present time, this policy will not affect students who take this class because they do not participate in clinicals at a hospital.


For more information on background checks, click here.

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