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Health Services Management & Community Development (HSMCD)

Employment in the healthcare sector is projected to grow faster than average when compared to other career clusters. Because of this, and the local, regional and national employer needs, Cowley has developed a transfer degree that will prepare students to become leaders in healthcare. This degree was designed for students to get their first two years of college with Cowley (an AA degree) and their last two years with Wichita State University to obtain a bachelor's degree. We truly believe that you would best be served by starting at Cowley and going on to obtain a bachelor's degree from Wichita State University.

Career Opportunities

Courses have been selected to provide students with the analytic, administrative, and leadership skills necessary for entry level managerial positions in acute care medicine (medical group practices, health insurance corporations, medical product companies, hospital and ambulatory care clinics, and EMS systems management), long term care (nursing homes, home health care agencies, continuing care facilities, and hospice), and public and community health (state health agencies, local health departments, and community-based health and wellness agencies). As mentioned, the healthcare field will need many workers in the short and long term periods of time.

Why choose Cowley?

Our degree offers the first two years of your education at a very economical cost while, at the same time, providing you with an outstanding knowledge base. Our instructors want you to learn and spend the time getting to know you in typically small classes (our average class size is 16 students). The faculty truly cares about their students and the education they receive.

At Cowley you'll need to complete both general education and HSMCD specific courses.

Degree & Course Work Details:

Course Scheduling

Classes are all available in the fall and spring semesters; many are available during the summer. Almost all of the classes can be taken online if that better fits your needs.

Get a Bachelor's Degree with Option from Wichita State University

After completion of the AA degree from Cowley, we strongly suggest that you continue your education at Wichita State University to obtain your bachelor's degree. All your college credit from Cowley will be accepted at Wichita State University in their program. Their faculty and staff have years of experience and, like Cowley instructors, care about your success.

Also, Wichita State University awards Cowley College transfer student scholarships that range from $1,500 to $2,000. For more information, please contact Neal Hoelting at or 316-978-6246.

We highly recommend that you start this degree at Cowley and then transfer to Wichita State University to obtain your bachelor's degree. It is the ticket for your success!

For more information contact:

Chris Cannon, Advisor