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Nursing Program

Thank you for your interest in the Pratt Community College LPN Program.


Nursing Program
Demand for all healthcare professionals, including registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, is at an all-time high. Career opportunities are unlimited, salaries and benefits are excellent, and you can make a difference in people’s lives every day.

Classes are held at the Cowley College Winfield Allied Health Center. Cowley College and Pratt Community College have established a partnership to better meet the healthcare needs of our community and students. Cowley College can provide all of the pre-requisites required for a nursing degree, while Pratt Community College will provide the technical nursing classes. The instructional faculty, program and curricula is supervised by Pratt Community College.

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Apply Early

Applicants should complete pre-requisites prior to the technical portion of the program.
Priority consideration is given to students who apply before the application deadline.

For CNA students interested in the (Winfield) PN program (PN = Practical Nurse)
  • Program start: August annually; Application deadline of April 1
  • CNA certificate MUST be active as of the “May 15th” and throughout the program in which you are applying / accepted
  • Prerequisites must be completed prior to May 15
  • Transcripts/ C N A Certificate verification MUST be RECEIVED at PCC no later than – June 1
  • Health Profile requirements Certification, MUST be RECEIVED at PCC no later than – May 1
  • TEAS V Scores – MUST BE RECEIVED at PCC no later than - June 1

Mail applications, transcripts, etc. to the nursing program at Pratt Community College:
Pratt Community College
Attn. Nursing Admissions
348 NE SR 61
Pratt, KS 67124

For questions regarding program pre-requisites that can be taken at Cowley:
Nursing Coordinator
Allied Health
Winfield Allied Health Center
Chris Cannon , Chair
Department of Allied Health
Winfield Allied Health Center

For questions regarding the nursing programs
(through Pratt Community College) and the transferability of classes:

Frank Stahl
Coordinator of Admissions / Special Programs

Nursing Admissions


Step-By-Step Guide
To enroll in your pre-requisites at Cowley College -
(Skip to step 4 if you have already completed all pre-requisites.)

  1. Apply for admission to Cowley College.
  2. Take Cowley College assessment test.
  3. Take prerequisite courses from Cowley.
  4. Begin application process to Pratt Nursing Program.
    Apply for admissions to Pratt Community College in February (Acceptance to PCC does not indicate acceptance into the Nursing Program).
  5. Apply to the Pratt Nursing Program (submit Nursing Program Application) by April 1.
  6. Send all required documents to PCC by deadlines.
    • Transcripts from prerequisite schools by June 1.
    • CNA certificate available for verification by June 1.
  7. Provide Scores (to Pratt) for the Compass or ACT by June 1.
    • Compass Scores Required:  Reading 79 / Writing 70 / Mathematics 49 (algebra scale).
    • ACT Scores Required:  Reading 18 / Writing 18 / Mathematics: 20-22.
    • Completion of Intermediate Algebra OR College Algebra with a grade of “C” or better will not require the Math score.  (For scores that are below the minimum on math, students will be required to take courses to meet the guidelines.  You must be ready to enter Intermediate Algebra).
  8. TEAS-V®. The TEAS-V® must be scheduled & completed in a timely manner to ensure scores are sent to PCC prior to June 1.
    • Please do not attempt to complete the TEAS-V® until you have completed Anatomy and Physiology and Composition I. Although a math class is not required for the nursing program we must have proof that you are ready for Intermediate Algebra level math or above. Higher TEAS-V® scores enhance the selection probabilities. The TEAS-V® may only be attempted a total of two times. IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED YOU MUST SCORE A MINIMUM OF 50 ON THE SCIENCE PORTION OF THE TEAS-V®.
    • You must pre-register and pre-pay a $60 testing fee. A photo ID is required upon arrival to test. This is an online test over math, science, reading, and English skills. Allow approximately 3 hours to complete. It is very important that you purchase and study the TEAS-V study guide, available at the college bookstore and online at
      Call 620.221.2763 for testing dates at the Cowley Winfield campus, 316-927-3780 for testing dates at the Wichita E-Learning center.

Program Requirements:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant - (May be taken as a 5 hour course from Cowley; must pass state exam to receive certification.) Required for PN program.
  • CPR Certification: American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR OR American Red Cross Professional Rescuer CPR. Alternatives are NOT accepted.  Students should inquire (with Pratt) about a possible class for nursing students prior to August.

Program Pre-requisites: Courses must be completed with the grade of “” or higher.  All prerequisites must be completed no later than May 15

  • Composition I
  • General Psychology
  • Anatomy & Physiology (5 credit hours with lab, 5 year expiration)
    • You may take Anatomy and Physiology I, with lab, 4 credit hours, 5 year expiration and Anatomy and Physiology II, with lab, 4 credit hours, 5 year expiration. You must take A&P I with A&P II
  • Microbiology (5 credit hours with lab, 5 year expiration)  – Co-Requisite (required for ADN program).  It is highly recommended to be completed prior to entering, non-completion will not prevent program acceptance.
  • Developmental Psychology – Co-Requisite (required for ADN program).  It is highly recommended to be completed prior to entering, non-completion will not prevent program acceptance.

While chemistry is not required for the Pratt nursing program, it is a suggested prerequisite for Microbiology. Students are strongly advised to take chemistry, especially if they have not completed chemistry in high school.

Additional prerequisite courses that may be required for RN-BSN:

  • English Composition I & II
  • Humanities elective course
  • Speech
  • General Sociology
  • Child/Human Development
  • Global Perspectives course
  • General Chemistry w/ lab
  • College Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Human Nutrition
  • Biology
  • Pharmacology

Financial Aid
Financial assistance may be available through Cowley College while taking prerequisites at CCCC. Contact Pratt Community College for financial aid during technical nursing classes.