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Education — Advising and Transfer Information

Advising is critical to the successful completion of the most appropriate program needed for your desired career goals.

Students seeking a degree in education need to consider the grade level of interest in order to accurately determine the proper degree program.

Earning a degree for one given level of teaching will not necessarily transfer as an opportunity to teach all grade levels, nor will earning a degree in one discipline allow one to teach any grade level or subject area. For example: earning a degree in secondary biology will not allow one to become licensed to teach at the elementary level.

While education courses can provide in-sight and hands-on experiences to assist in determining the most suitable level of teaching to pursue, one should consider other options such as volunteering in schools, interviewing professionals in the field and career services. Once a specific field of study is narrowed and a program or grade level is determined, students should choose the corresponding Associate Degree in Education.

To ensure proper advancement toward the degree goals, students should follow the desired degree program as outlined. The order of course work is designed to address the completion of basic skills prior to enrolling in education courses and to assure prerequisites are met for transfer. Advisors can assist students who have already completed a significant number of college credits prior to choosing an education degree. While the degree program check-sheets have been designed around a set of recommended courses by Cowley College and four year colleges and universities, a course previously completed might be considered a comparable course.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that students meet with advisors to determine the best course of action for completing the desired Associate Degree in Education.

Already completed a Bachelor Degree? If you are someone who has already completed a bachelor degree in a field other than education, it is recommended that you contact the Director of Education for advising. Individuals with a bachelor degree in high demand areas such as math and science may qualify for special programs to begin teaching while completing education courses needed for professional level licensure. Advisors can offer contact and resource information.

Dual Advising is critical to successfully transferring into the teacher college at the four year school of choice. Each of the teacher colleges throughout the state has different prerequisites and entrance requirements. While the recommended check-sheets from Cowley College are designed for transfer, the teacher college at the four year school determines whether a student as adequately met the required transfer needs. It is recommended that education majors begin the dual advising process early.

Steps for Transfer (degree seeking):

  • Choose a Cowley College Associate of Arts in Education degree program to follow
  • Investigate and Choose a four year college or University
  • Complete additional entrance assessments required by the teacher college at the four year school of choice (most will accept the PPST exam). Some require reading, writing and math portions of these assessments only, while others require the addition of science and social science of the CBASE exam. Some schools will take ACT results for entrance. Check with the advisor at the school of choice. Take the assessments early in case required scores are not met the first time and additional attempts are needed. Registration, test content information, testing site days and times -
  • Apply to the teacher college or college of education at the four year university of choice (see Dual Advising)
  • Apply for departmental  scholarships at the teacher college or college of education (see Dual Advising)
  • Complete Degree Application with Cowley College Registrar’s office (final semester)
  • Request a Transcript with degree awarded be sent to four year school (final semester at Cowley)
  • Confirm with the four year school and the teacher college that all requirements have been met

For more information, contact:

Julie Rhoads
Director of Education