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Education — Middle Level

(5th - 8th grades)

Middle School teachers continue to be in demand as veteran teachers prepare for retirement. Teacher education programs for Middle School education degrees and licensure focus on comprehensive curriculum content and pedagogical practices to prepare future teachers for teaching any grade level 5th – 8th grades.

Cowley College works closely with universities to design the Associate of Arts degree options which meet their specific entrance requirements.

There are several different routes to earn licensure for teaching 5th – 8th grades:

  • One is to complete a Secondary Education bachelor degree in a specific area of study (math, biology, chemistry, physics, social studies, English, etc) for grades 6 to 12.
  • Another option is to complete the Elementary Education Bachelor degree then add on the 24 hour course requirements needed to teach a specific area of study at the 5th-8th grade level – called an “endorsement.” This would be done during the completion of the bachelor degree requirements at the four year college/university. Some universities do offer degree programs which focus specifically on 5th – 8th grades but require the teacher candidate to choose two areas of study, for example math/science or language arts/social studies. In all of these cases, dual advising is recommended to ensure proper course work for transfer.
  • A final option is to earn either a licensure in Secondary Education or Elementary Education then take the professional exam in the content area of interest for Middle School instruction. The licensure officer at the four year school of transfer can assist you with this route.

For more information contact:

Julie Rhoads
Director of Education