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Education & Training High School Pathway

Many Kansas high schools have adopted the Teach & Training Pathway. Students completing the required course work approved by the KSDE Pathway (3 high school credits which includes the internship / application course of 25+ hours in a PreK-12 classroom) & Cowley College may apply to receive retro credit with free tuition for EDU6211 Introduction to Teaching (3 college credits) and EDU6212 Introduction to Teaching Field Experience (1 credit).


Students must meet the following requirements to receive the credits:

Earn a B average or better in the approved high school course work

Complete 12 Cowley College credit hours toward the Associate of Arts or Science Degree

Complete the appropriate Cowley College articulation application

Pay appropriate fees for 4 college credits (tuition is waived)


For Information Contact:

Julie Rhoads
Director of Education