Health & Human Services

Health & Physical Education

Degree Program:

  • Associate of Arts Degree – 62 Credit Hours

Degree & Course Work Details:

Most people are acutely aware of the value of keeping physically fit and eating the right foods. As our changing work habits create more leisure time, organized recreational activities become more important. Whether it is teaching young people how to get in shape and remain physically fit for the rest of their lives, or working in the recreational field, planning organizing and directing activities to help people enjoy the free time they have recreation and physical education are fields with expanding opportunities. These are designed as transfer programs. Students can complete the first two years at Cowley, and then transfer to a four-year college or university to finish a bachelor’s degree. General education courses taken while at Cowley will transfer to most state universities in Kansas and other states.


Course Procedures:

  • General Psychology PSY6711
  • First Aid and CPR ALH6323
  • History and Principles of P.E. HPE6311
  • Developmental Psychology PSY6712
  • Recreational Leadership I HPE6320


For more information contact:

Julie Rhoads